How a payroll credit works

If you need a loan from the bank in which you receive your salary or offer one that does not convince you at all, we invite you to know how a domiciliary payroll loan works .

We know that a source payroll credit is ” domiciled ” because payments are automatically taken from the bank account where you receive your salary. So what do they mean when they talk about domiciling it?

When the company or institution you work for has no agreement with any financial institution to grant loans, as a user you can approach the one you prefer and request one with direct debit payments , that is, authorization is required to make discounts to your account or debit card So you will not have to be aware of the payment dates .

If you already have one with a debit discount , but you are charged excessive fees , you can request another one at another institution, pay the first one and cancel the direct debit or change it to pay for this new credit that will best fit your needs.


Loans can be used for whatever you want

Loans can be used for whatever you want

Pay off debts, finish projects like building a house or use cash for your holiday, as part of good financial education.

One of the main virtues of domiciliary credit via payroll – unlike other products – is that it prevents you from being late when making an automatic charge so as not to affect your credit history . However, not everyone has access to this type of financing.

Unlike private sector employees, government and unionized workers have many opportunities to access the financing they need, since their salary is the guarantee. That is why many financial institutions trust them and offer them preferential conditions.

If you are a unionized or government worker in Fitzwilliam Darcy we invite you to direct your financing with us. You will have the opportunity to pay it in up to 48 fortnights, at a fixed rate and payments . In addition, you will not need an endorsement, and there is no commission for opening. Protect your personal finances !

Only submit the following documents:


  • Proof of address
  • Valid official ID
  • Completed and signed application
  • Last card or payment report if you are retired or pensioned
  • If you are a collaborator of education, health sector or state government, the last three salary receipts and last statement of account or paperless . Request it from your bank

Once you meet these requirements you will be closer to getting out of debt, resolving any eventuality or growing your assets, among other advantages domiciling a credit offers you.