Loan Experiences Without Credit Bureau


Because the credit rating is checked with all well-known lenders – if not with the credit bureau, then with another credit agency. If you want to grant a maxda loan without credit bureau, you should first know what the credit bureau is about. The credit bureau is the protection fee for the general credit protection. Reviews of portals with credit without credit bureau experience. The providers can do this in our credit without credit bureau test majority.

Experience with the credit intermediary bonus loan

Experience with the credit intermediary bonus loan

There is no shortage of warnings on the various credit brokers and their withdrawal methods on the net. Credit brokers undertake to grant favorable credit information even if a negative credit bureau is involved. Very few of the buyers with a negative credit bureau receive the desired favorable credit. Credither is not one of those credit brokers that does not comply.

The company has been a successful lending company for over 35 years. Loans without credit bureau are only a small part of Credither’s service portfolio. The company is the intermediary of classic installment loans and real estate loans and now also the bonus credit mastercard Golden. The Swiss company Meister Mediengruppe AG has been behind the services of Credither for several years now.

The company is registered in the Swiss Canton of Zurich in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich. Although the headquarters of the Group is in Switzerland, the focus of Credither’s brokerage services is not on the Swiss insurance market. Therefore, the domain of Credither is concluded with “de”. The lending agency sells its goods via the network without a branch.

Several tens of thousands of loan applications are received via the online portal. A large part of this is referred to one of the 20 German and Swiss partner institutions, so that loans are granted. Interested borrowers can complete a request form and will usually receive feedback within 24 hours.

As an intermediary, the loan offers you an advantageous price offer. Thanks to the partnership-based cooperation of many financial institutions with the company, the borrowers of Credither can be personally taken care of. In the meantime, borrowers can relax and sign the contract documents they have created. Credither’s website is simple.

Credithers information is limited to the essentials.

Credithers information is limited to the essentials.

Interested parties can read through simple navigation, many information on loans and creative-free loans. The satisfied guests also talk about their experiences with video messages. In addition, the company offers you a free e-book called “Credit? The customer has the option of dialing a German-language or Swiss telephone number. Second

Of particular note is the spam policy of Credither. If you receive unsolicited advertising material from us, you can send an e-mail to the address: stop-spam @ Credither. The bonus loans from Bonuskredit have been awarded the eKomi “Gold” seal: rating certificate 4. 8 (5) out of 1747 ratings (last 12 months). iKomi is an independent online rating service provider with transaction-only ratings.

For more than 35 years, Bonus has arranged loans to private households in Germany. The company cooperates with more than 20 partner institutes in the Federal Republic and in Switzerland. She is responsible for her work. A credit inquiry must always be made on the internet. Shipping usually takes place within 48 hours.

Many credit seekers know that a negative credit bureau at a bank in Germany can usually lead to the refusal of credit information. Even in the case of a negative credit bureau, the company can negotiate a loan under certain conditions. This is done, on the one hand, via credit institutions based in Germany, which process each individual case individually and also show a higher level of risk appetite from time to time, and, on the other hand, through Swiss institutions, which have generally waived the acquisition of credit bureau.

Therefore, it is possible that credit seekers who have previously received only a refusal, a credit using a receipt balance will be allocated. Of course, this is only possible if the loan applicant can repay a loan economically. The interest amount depends on the creditworthiness of the borrower. This means that even less solvent customers can get a loan, which is then hedged by appropriate interest rate increases.

Loans are available from just USD 1,000 up to a maximum of USD 100,000. The maximum amount is also characterized by being substantially higher than the loan amounts granted by German banks to retail customers as installment loans. The customer can choose between 12 and 120 months for the term of the loan.

The cost of borrowing is determined by the effective annual interest rate. Credither deals with loans at interest rates between 4.90 and 16.90 percentage points. This is a large bandwidth, which is calculated from the different creditworthiness of the debtors. The lower the interest rate, the better the creditworthiness of the borrower. Less solvent credit seekers have to calculate with higher interest rates.

Similar to many banks in Germany, Credither also publishes a sample. This example identifies the interest rate that two-thirds of the borrowers make. For a loan of USD 10,000 with a maturity of six years, it is 9.95 percentage points. Not a bad cut, considering that many credit applicants do not get credit from other banks.

Anyone who wants a loan calculator on the Credither website, as offered by many German banks, will be disappointed. The interest rates depend on the creditworthiness, so a loan calculator can not be really meaningful in advance. Therefore, this right is referred by the company Credither. The level of interest rates and interest rates private borrowers receive by letter.

As a credit intermediary, it levies a commission for its intermediary services. This commission is included in the loan offer. The brokerage fee, which is not reflected in the annual percentage, naturally makes the loan more expensive. These additional expenses are offset by the fact that many borrowers can not get credit without the brokerage of Bonus Credit. Loaning is only possible through the Credit action.

This service comes at a price, but no one is required to apply for a loan from Credither. The one who does it, must always expect that he does not get the cheapest loan, but for a loan at all. In addition, the loan can also be lent to less solvent borrowers through close cooperation with the partner institutions.

It is particularly pleasing that Credither does not charge any up-front costs. In the case of loans, brokerage fees will only be charged if a brokerage really takes place. Credits can be claimed free of charge and without obligation. It is not possible to obtain the loan in anonymous form. Anyone wishing to receive a contract offer from us must be prepared to disclose their personal information.

Self-employed, freelancers and pensioners are not excluded from the loans of bonus credit. For many competitors, loans to the elderly are granted only with age restriction. The loan application is a three-page application that is SSL-encrypted upon completion. Borrowers can use the first form page to quantify the loan amount and set the monthly installment.

If the loan is to be used to repay existing liabilities, a promissory note may also be issued. The second partial page of the credit application must state the identity of the applicant. The one who adjusts to it and gives an account of where the values ​​come from can submit their application within five minutes.

Within a quarter of an hour after filing the application, the borrower receives initial information about the receipt of the application and further processing. From application to the payment of the credit, it takes only a few days, if everything runs smoothly. Since it is a traditional Swiss company, there is no review by the TüV.

Rather, Sandun regularly points consumers to credit intermediaries. Since there are many dubious types of loan brokers, this does not mean that the whole industry is bad. Everything on German-speaking pages offers such experiences. The statement of Credither is not sufficient to really be representative.

Rather, the concrete experiences reflect the opinions of the customers. A butcher was granted a loan by means of a quick and cheap loan, with which she was able to acquire her driver’s license. If you really read the right experiences of other customers, you have to go through the variety of the discussion series. Applicants who did not receive credit over the loan reacted primarily with a minus.

Even if a customer does not get a loan, he mentions that he has no credit. Some bank customers are offended by the many promotional e-mails they have received from bank credit once they have contacted us. In our opinion, the customers who have been laid off tend to write a bad report by releasing their frustration.

The borrowers are convinced and often do not comment further. In view of this common behavior of consumers, it is noticeable that there are relatively many positive experiences. Conclusion: The Credither is a very serious and reliable credit distribution. With a clear conscience, we advise Credither.