Quinn Maingi (Rutgers) and Kurt Falk (Rutgers)

Team of the Year

  • 2014-2015: T-151st

Varsity Team Results

9th Syracuse (2011-2012)
5th University of North Carolina (2014-2015)

Novice Team Results

2nd Syracuse (2011-2012)
3rd Penn (2011-2012)
3rd George Washington (APDA Meeting) (2011-2012)
5th Fordham (2011-2012)
2nd Dartmouth (2011-2012)
4th Hart House NorthAms (2011-2012)
5th The College of New Jersey (2011-2012)
4th Franklin and Marshall (2011-2012)
1st William and Mary II (2011-2012)
1st Boston University (Elections) (2011-2012)