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Brandeis (2007-2008)

67 teams and 60 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Benjamin Belser and Lewis Bollard (Harvard)
2nd Cormac Early and Anthony Carlson (Harvard)
3rd Chris Baia and Mike Childers (Johns Hopkins)
4th Frank Marsico and Matt Spotts (Fordham)
5th Andrew Rohrbach and Steven Kryger (Yale)
6th Kathleen Clark-Adams and Adam Goldstein (MIT)
7th Jennifer Tarr (Brown) and Aram Boghosian (Tufts)
8th Nic Zhou and Lily Lamboy (Amherst)
9th Julian Burns and Cheryl Healy (Wellesley)
10th Kat Read and James Shapiro (Brown)
11th Rocky Lotito and Jake Campbell (Boston University)
12th Erel Speed and Sharmin Karim (MIT)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Benjamin Belser (Harvard)
2nd Andrew Rohrbach (Yale)
3rd Mike Childers (Johns Hopkins)
4th Cormac Early (Harvard)
5th Lewis Bollard (Harvard)
6th Kathleen Clark-Adams (MIT)
7th Julian Burns (Wellesley)
8th Chris Baia (Johns Hopkins)
9th Elizabeth Zahler (NYU)
10th Anthony Carlson (Harvard)

Novice Team Results

1st Jonathan Eng and Austin Kase (Yale)
2nd Peter McKee and Bill Magnuson (MIT)
3rd Ali Boyle (Johns Hopkins) and Pam Brown (Yale)
4th Harry Murphy and Elliot Musilek (University of Chicago)
5th Saumitra Thakur and Ian Mellis (Amherst)

Novice Speaker Results

1st James Shapiro (Brown)
2nd Leah Storer (American)
3rd Doug Friedman (Brown)
4th Pam Brown (Yale)
5th Ali Boyle (Johns Hopkins)
6th Sabrina Ali (Yale)
7th Saumitra Thakur (Amherst)
8th Louis Balocca (University of Chicago)
9th Elliot Musilek (University of Chicago)
10th Peter McKee (MIT)