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Dartmouth (2005-2006)

42 teams and 40 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Michael Neville-O'Neill and Ryan Creighton (Bates)
2nd Robbie Pratt and Travis Crum (William and Mary)
3rd Sean Callaghan and Chris Daubert (UMBC)
4th Brendan Jarboe and Mike Metzger (Bates)
5th Mark Samburg and Mike Birnbaum (Brandeis)
6th Alexander Schwab and Ray Seilie (Harvard)
7th Samuel Myat San and Georgios Theophanous (Harvard)
8th Sihong Chan and Anuraag Chigurupati (Stanford)
9th Frank Marsico and Hans Laforest (Fordham)
10th John Hollwitz and Steve Mongiello (Fordham)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Mark Samburg (Brandeis)
2nd Sihong Chan (Stanford)
3rd Brendan Jarboe (Bates)
4th Alexander Schwab (Harvard)
5th Georgios Theophanous (Harvard)
6th Ryan Creighton (Bates)
7th Hans Laforest (Fordham)
8th Robbie Pratt (William and Mary)
9th Michael Neville-O'Neill (Bates)
10th Mike Birnbaum (Harvard)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Hans Laforest (Fordham)
2nd Jake Lieberman (Vassar)
3rd Joe Drury (Bates)
4th Anuraag Chigurupati (Stanford)
5th Alex Levine (Brandeis)