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Brown (2008-2009)

73 teams and 58 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Adam Goldstein and Sharmin Karim (MIT)
2nd Daniel Rauch and Zayn Siddique (Princeton)
3rd Benjamin Belser (Harvard) and Joel Todoroff (Brandeis)
4th Mike Childers and Ali Boyle (Johns Hopkins)
5th Kevin Troy and Danny Lewin (Duke)
6th Sean Withall and Vivek Suri (Johns Hopkins)
7th Anton Chaevitch and Matt Rubenstein (Harvard)
8th Julian Burns and Cheryl Healy (Wellesley)
9th Nic Zhou and Lily Lamboy (Amherst)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Mike Childers (Johns Hopkins)
2nd Daniel Rauch (Princeton)
3rd Joel Todoroff (Brandeis)
4th Benjamin Belser (Harvard)
5th Lewis Bollard (Harvard)
6th Adam Goldstein (MIT)
7th Kyle Bean (Harvard)
8th Sean Withall (Johns Hopkins)
9th Rocky Lotito (Boston University)
10th Kevin Troy (Duke)

Novice Team Results

1st Chris Anderson and Emma Buschbaum (Amherst)
2nd Justin Patrick and Lilia Killburn (Amherst)
3rd Nicky Bell and Alena Stern (William and Mary)
4th Diana Castillo and Rachel Richardson (Smith)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Alena Stern (William and Mary)
2nd Gareth Horell (Fordham)
3rd Kyle Crawford (Swarthmore)
4th Lilia Killburn (Amherst)
5th Emma Buschbaum (Amherst)
6th Alex Loomis (Harvard)
7th Ed Kogan (Harvard)
8th Justin Patrick (Amherst)
9th Liz Crane (Brandeis)
10th Ashley Woods (Northeastern)