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Amherst NorthAms (2008-2009)

90 teams and 0 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Andrew Rohrbach and Grant May (Yale)
2nd Saro Setarkian and Sophie MacIntyre (McGill)
3rd Robbie Pratt (William and Mary) and Mike Childers (Johns Hopkins)
4th Haley Nix and Rosa Po (Yale)
5th Michelle Zimmermann and Adam Groce (MIT)
6th Richard Lizius and Monica Ferris (Hart House)
7th Adam Goldstein and Bill Magnuson (MIT)
8th Sean Stefanik and Vinay Mysore (McGill)
9th Kyle Bean and Mark Samburg (Harvard)
10th Anish Mitra and Andrew Suciu (Stanford)
11th Romeo Maione and Daniel Westlake (Carleton University - Ottawa)
12th Andy Hogue and Tom Blaser (University of Chicago)
13th Ben Field and Adam Anderson (University of Chicago)
14th Tess Reed and Steven Kryger (Yale)
15th Kat Read and Lyndsey Billings (Brown)
16th Julie Baker and Matthew Tilghman (Swarthmore)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Mark Samburg (Harvard)
2nd Andrew Rohrbach (Yale)
3rd Adam Goldstein (MIT)
4th Robbie Pratt (William and Mary)
5th Richard Lizius (Hart House)
6th Adam Groce (MIT)
7th Daniel Rauch (Princeton)
8th Andy Hogue (University of Chicago)
9th Sophie MacIntyre (McGill)
10th Grant May (Yale)