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Princeton (Elections) (2008-2009)

92 teams and 96 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Nic Zhou and Lily Lamboy (Amherst)
2nd Samir Deger-Sen and Alex Worsnip (Oxford)
3rd Doug Cochran and Giles Robertson (Cambridge)
4th Samantha Hynes (William and Mary) and Aram Boghosian (Tufts)
5th Andrew Rohrbach and Haley Nix (Yale)
6th Anish Mitra and Andrew Suciu (Stanford)
7th Liam O'Reilly (Maryland) and Will Crocker (Northeastern)
8th Elizabeth Zahler (NYU) and Ali Boyle (Johns Hopkins)
9th Vivek Suri and Mike Childers (Johns Hopkins)
10th Benjamin Strahs and Lauren Bateman (William and Mary)
11th Anthony Carlson and Kyle Bean (Harvard)
12th Josh Zagorsky and Alex Loomis (Harvard)
13th Rocky Lotito and Alex Taubes (Boston University)
14th Ryan Cross and Ryan Menezes (Boston University)
15th Ian Girard and Ben DeStein (Stanford)
16th David Yin and Josh Morrison (Columbia)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Doug Cochran (Cambridge)
2nd Aram Boghosian (Tufts)
3rd Mike Childers (Johns Hopkins)
4th Vivek Suri (Johns Hopkins)
5th Grant May (Yale)
6th Haley Nix (Yale)
7th Alex Worsnip (Oxford)
8th Jake Campbell (Boston University)
9th Benjamin Strahs (William and Mary)
10th Andrew Rohrbach (Yale)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Alex Loomis (Harvard)
2nd Justin Patrick (Amherst)
3rd Meng Jia Yang (Yale)
4th Andrew Berg (Franklin and Marshall)
5th Naz El-Khatib (Yale)
6th Ben DeStein (Stanford)
7th Pat Andriola (Tufts)
8th Jordan Morgan (NYU)
9th Yihan Tan (Harvard)
10th Lucas Li (Brown)