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Princeton (2004-2005)

94 teams and 66 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Emily Tredeau and Aviva Aron-Dine (Swarthmore)
2nd Michael Mayernick and Jon Bateman (Johns Hopkins)
3rd David Denton and Michael Palmieri (Yale)
4th Rob Glunt and Justin Berkowitz (Cornell)
5th Jonathan Bailey and Alex Just (Oxford)
6th Matt Rand (Vassar) and Elisabeth Page (Dartmouth)
7th Jason Wen and David Kimel (Harvard)
8th Rory Gillis and Ariel Schneller (Yale)
9th Alex Blenkinsopp and Alex Potapov (Harvard)
10th Alan Lawn (Amherst) and Ben Hebert (MIT)
11th Tim Fletcher and Ian Kemp (University of Chicago)
12th Adam Chilton and Josh Bendor (Yale)
13th Greg Arthur and James McNamara (Maryland)
14th Mark Samburg and Beth Mandel (Brandeis)
15th Josh Johnson and Andrew Korn (Yale)
16th Ya'ir Aizenman and Rich Powell (Harvard)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Jonathan Bailey (Oxford)
2nd Michael Palmieri (Yale)
3rd Rory Gillis (Yale)
4th Andrew Korn (Yale)
5th Aviva Aron-Dine (Swarthmore)
6th Josh Bendor (Yale)
7th David Kimel (Harvard)
8th Alex Potapov (Harvard)
9th Michael Mayernick (Johns Hopkins)
10th Alan Lawn (Amherst)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Mark Samburg (Brandeis)
2nd David Denton (Yale)
3rd Abby Hinchcliff (Wesleyan)
4th Dave Kasten (Yale)
5th Ashali Singham (Yale)
6th Luke Champlin (Colgate)
7th Shauro Bagchi (Maryland)
8th Chris Baia (Johns Hopkins)
9th Julie Baker (Swarthmore)
10th Michelle Tellock (Johns Hopkins)