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Clark (2004-2005)

24 teams and 19 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Adam Chilton and Andrew Korn (Yale)
2nd Justin Gelfand and Beth Mandel (Brandeis)
3rd Brendan Jarboe and Drew Jarboe (Bates)
4th Michael Neville-O'Neill and Ryan Creighton (Bates)
5th J. DeCarlo and A. Maxwell (Bates)
6th Marisa Maleck (Amherst) and Rob Montz (Brown)
7th Alexander Schwab and Fuad Faridi (Harvard)
8th Tom Heller and Andy Bragin (Brandeis)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Justin Gelfand (Brandeis)
2nd Brendan Jarboe (Bates)
3rd Beth Mandel (Brandeis)
4th Andrew Korn (Yale)
5th Don Trella (Brown)
6th Alexander Schwab (Harvard)
7th Rob Montz (Brown)
8th Marisa Maleck (Amherst)
9th A. Maxwell (Bates)
10th Adam Chilton (Yale)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Brendan Jarboe (Bates)
2nd Mark Samburg (Brandeis)
3rd David Denton (Yale)
4th Neil St. Clair (Boston University)
5th Andy Bragin (Brandeis)
6th Tom Heller (Brandeis)
7th Matt Weber (Providence College)
8th Erica Lipschultz (Brandeis)
9th Kenny Rudinger (Brandeis)
10th Piotr Brezenski (Harvard)