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Fordham (2005-2006)

81 teams and 78 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Dan Greco and Mike Reilly (Princeton)
2nd Ivana Deyrup and Travis Crum (Johns Hopkins)
3rd Lina Bensman and Brian Schon (Brandeis)
4th Michael Mayernick and Jon Bateman (Johns Hopkins)
5th Julie Baker and Josh Turner (Swarthmore)
6th David Denton and Matt Wansley (Yale)
7th Tore de Bella and Shauro Bagchi (William and Mary)
8th Chris Baia and Jordan Kough (Johns Hopkins)
9th Chris Ford and Robbie Pratt (William and Mary)
10th Michelle Zimmermann and Adam Groce (MIT)
11th Benjamin Belser and Mike Birnbaum (Harvard)
12th Alexander Schwab and Georgios Theophanous (Harvard)
13th Anne Halsey and Jess Clarke (Smith)
14th Joanna Friedman and Luis Argueso (Princeton)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Dan Greco (Princeton)
2nd Lina Bensman (Brandeis)
3rd Jon Bateman (Johns Hopkins)
4th Brian Schon (Brandeis)
5th Julie Baker (Swarthmore)
6th Jordan Kough (UMBC)
7th Michael Mayernick (Johns Hopkins)
8th Travis Crum (Johns Hopkins)
9th Benjamin Belser (Harvard)
10th Robbie Pratt (William and Mary)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Benjamin Belser (Harvard)
2nd Benjamin Strahs (William and Mary)
3rd Jai Krishnan (Stanford)
4th Emma Curran (UMBC)
5th Dan Posen (Princeton)
7th Yash Daga (NYU)
8th Michael Shih (Princeton)
9th Alex Levine (Brandeis)
10th Reynold Strossen (University of Chicago)