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Bates (2009-2010)

32 teams and 36 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Kate Falkenstien and Alyssa Bilinski (Yale)
2nd Adam Goldstein and Peter McKee (MIT)
3rd Tess Reed and Steven Kryger (Yale)
4th Grant May and Sabrina Ali (Yale)
5th Nick Cugini and Robert Colonel (Yale)
6th Ian Panchevre and Arjun Shenoy (Yale)
7th Catherine Dowie (Smith) and Erica Brandt (Boston University)
8th Rich Boltizar and Ben DeStein (Stanford)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Grant May (Yale)
2nd Steven Kryger (Yale)
3rd Adam Goldstein (MIT)
4th Kate Falkenstien (Yale)
5th Sabrina Ali (Yale)
6th Rich Boltizar (Stanford)
7th Dan Ortner (Brandeis)
8th Robert Colonel (Yale)
9th Ben DeStein (Stanford)
10th Peter McKee (MIT)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Robert Colonel (Yale)
2nd Alyssa Bilinski (Yale)
3rd Nick Cugini (Yale)
4th Emma Pierson (Stanford)
5th David Trinh (Yale)
6th Stacey Chen (Yale)
7th Meredith Potter (Yale)
8th Aaron Hakim (Yale)
9th Nicholas Hernandez (Stanford)
10th Rich Weisbach (Brandeis)