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Boston University (2005-2006)

69 teams and 71 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Alexander Schwab and Georgios Theophanous (Harvard)
2nd Emily Garin and Storey Clayton (Princeton)
3rd Unknown Sales and Laura Mazer (University of Chicago)
4th Adam Nir and Kevin Grinberg (Brandeis)
5th Alex Blenkinsopp and Rob Glunt (Harvard)
6th Andy Tirrell and Ben Brandzel (Brandeis)
7th Lina Bensman and Brian Schon (Brandeis)
8th Mark Samburg and Rebecca Collins (Brandeis)
9th Samuel Myat San and Vasudev Vadlamudi (Harvard)
10th Sonic Woytonik and Will Murray (Smith)
11th Jon Borowsky and Dave Gottlieb (Amherst)
12th Jennifer Tarr and Cat Biddle (Brown)
13th Anthony Carlson and Rezwan Haque (Harvard)
14th Rebecca Sivitz and Brian Botnick (Brandeis)
15th Amanda Fuller and Joel Jacobs (Wesleyan)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Emily Garin (Princeton)
2nd Alex Blenkinsopp (Harvard)
3rd Storey Clayton (Brandeis)
4th Rob Glunt (Cornell)
5th Ben Brandzel (Brandeis)
6th Greg Wilson (Brandeis)
7th Alexander Schwab (Harvard)
8th Georgios Theophanous (Harvard)
9th Lina Bensman (Brandeis)
10th Mark Samburg (Brandeis)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Joel Todoroff (Brandeis)
2nd Lewis Bollard (Harvard)
3rd Joe Drury (Bates)
4th Benjamin Belser (Harvard)
5th Anthony Carlson (Harvard)
6th Rebecca Sivitz (Brandeis)
7th Jake Lieberman (Vassar)
8th Rob Silverblatt (Tufts)
9th Rezwan Haque (Harvard)
10th Jennifer Tarr (Brown)