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Stanford (2005-2006)

39 teams and 19 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Ariel Schneller and Tim Fletcher (Yale)
2nd Lina Bensman and Brian Schon (Brandeis)
3rd Kevin Troy and Rob Goodman (Duke)
4th Julie Baker and Scott Brainard (Swarthmore)
5th Unknown Sales and Laura Mazer (University of Chicago)
6th Matt Settle and Liz Tuggey (NYU)
7th Unknown Siffert and Unknown Libling (University of Chicago)
8th Ryan Naughton and Reynold Strossen (University of Chicago)
9th Greg Cheyne and Kason Kimberly (University of Chicago)
10th Michelle Zimmermann and Adam Groce (MIT)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Lina Bensman (Brandeis)
2nd Tim Fletcher (University of Chicago)
3rd Kate Calamari (Fordham)
4th Ariel Schneller (Yale)
5th Julie Baker (Swarthmore)
6th Brian Schon (Brandeis)
7th Reynold Strossen (University of Chicago)
8th Kevin Troy (Duke)
9th Ryan Naughton (University of Chicago)
10th Kason Kimberly (University of Chicago)

Novice Team Results

1st Hans Laforest and Germaine Benemile (Fordham)
2nd Adwait Parker and Peter Gil-Montllor (University of Chicago)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Kevin Troy (Duke)
2nd Peter Gil-Montllor (University of Chicago)
3rd Adwait Parker (University of Chicago)
4th Hans Laforest (Fordham)
5th Jason Schouseboe (University of Minnesota)
6th Scott Brainard (Swarthmore)
7th Andy Hogue (University of Chicago)
8th Joe Drury (Bates)
9th Minda Zheng (University of Chicago)
10th Chantelle Pires (University of Chicago)