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Columbia (2010-2011)

74 teams and 60 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Alex Taubes and Greg Meyer (Boston University)
2nd Alex Loomis and Coulter King (Harvard)
3rd Ali Boyle and Omar Qureshi (Johns Hopkins)
4th Matthew Katz (Maryland) and Wesley Hopkin (Harvard)
5th Chere See and Jordan Morgan (NYU)
6th Josh Zagorsky (Harvard) and Lucas Li (Brown)
7th Matt Arons and Daniel Lewis (Princeton)
8th Virginia Flatow and Kate Fetrow (Bates)
9th Harry Murphy and Clara Spera (University of Chicago)
10th David Reiss and Kyle Bomeisl (Rutgers)
11th Alison Kennedy and Maddie Powell (Boston University)
12th Colin Etnire and Ian Mahmud (Bates)
13th Josh Gross and Erick Butzlaff (Maryland)
14th Bobby Hall and Nickolas Lupo (West Point)
15th Jared Fries and Rohan Grey (Penn)
16th Caitlin McElroy and Mike Haskins (Fordham)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Alex Taubes (Boston University)
2nd Greg Meyer (Boston University)
3rd Rohan Grey (Penn)
4th Alex Loomis (Harvard)
5th Matthew Katz (Maryland)
6th Clara Spera (University of Chicago)
7th Colin Etnire (Bates)
8th David Reiss (Rutgers)
9th Omar Qureshi (Johns Hopkins)
10th Coulter King (Harvard)

Novice Team Results

1st Mark Langer and Kevin McCandlish (Bates)
2nd Thor and Ishan Gupta (NYU)
3rd Oliver Simon and Album Shen (Johns Hopkins)
4th Jack Gamble (Cambridge) and Nicholas Efstathiou (Yale)
5th Michael Tich and Srinath Reddy (Cornell)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Maddie Powell (Boston University)
2nd Oliver Simon (Johns Hopkins)
3rd Srinath Reddy (Cornell)
4th Jack Gamble (Cambridge)
5th Mark Langer (Bates)
6th Parth Parikh (The College of New Jersey)
7th Michael Tich (Cornell)
8th Nabhan Chowdhury (Penn)
9th Sam Martin (Fordham)
10th Kevin McCandlish (Bates)