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Providence College (2005-2006)

40 teams and 37 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Don Trella and David McNamee (Brown)
2nd Adam Nir and Alex Levine (Brandeis)
3rd Joel Todoroff and Chris Farrell (Brandeis)
4th Angela Cai and Dan Posen (Princeton)
5th Samuel Myat San and Wong Shi Ming (Harvard)
6th Mark Samburg and Laura Silver (Brandeis)
7th Ashali Singham and Rosa Po (Yale)
8th Michelle Zimmermann and Linda Fang (MIT)
9th Georgios Theophanous and Kelly Kiley (Harvard)
10th Jason Sheltzer and Jason Herron (Princeton)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Mark Samburg (Brandeis)
2nd Josh Bone (Yale)
3rd Will Newman (Brown)
4th Samuel Myat San (Harvard)
5th Rosa Po (Yale)
6th David McNamee (Brown)
7th Andrew Laing (Harvard)
8th Wong Shi Ming (Harvard)
9th Rebecca Collins (Brandeis)
10th Alex Levine (Brandeis)

Novice Team Results

1st Joel Todoroff and Chris Farrell (Brandeis)
2nd Angela Cai and Dan Posen (Princeton)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Alex Levine (Brandeis)
2nd Lewis Bollard (Harvard)
3rd Dan Posen (Princeton)
4th Chris Farrell (Brandeis)
5th Joel Todoroff (Brandeis)
6th Cormac Early (Harvard)
7th Erin Miller (Yale)
8th Anthony Carlson (Harvard)
9th Juliet Samuel (Harvard)
10th Jordan Rothman (Brandeis)