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Swarthmore Novice (2010-2011)

70 teams and 140 novices

Novice Team Results

1st Labib Rahman and Sam Chirtel (Johns Hopkins)
2nd Alex Adamcyzk and Shriya Samarth (American)
3rd Kate Derosier and Maureen Murray (Swarthmore)
4th Thor and Ishan Gupta (NYU)
5th Ashley Novak and Gordon Morrisette (Rutgers)
6th Thomas Mattessich and Allison Hicks (William and Mary)
7th Kosaluchi Mmegwa and Claire Branch (Princeton)
8th Steven Elliot and Ashe Girard (American)
9th Ki'tay Davidson and Jeff Gan (American)
10th Hannah Froehle and Alex Lamb (Johns Hopkins)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Ishan Gupta (NYU)
2nd Ashley Novak (Rutgers)
3rd Alex Adamcyzk (American)
4th Chris Southcott (George Washington)
5th Gordon Morrisette (Rutgers)
6th David Mok-Lamme (Swarthmore)
7th Steven Elliot (American)
8th Thomas Mattessich (William and Mary)
9th Shriya Samarth (American)
10th Randi Saunders (American)