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MIT (2010-2011)

92 teams and 88 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Alex Taubes and Greg Meyer (Boston University)
2nd Will Crocker and Ashley Woods (Northeastern)
3rd David Trinh and Robert Colonel (Yale)
4th Kate Falkenstien and Alyssa Bilinski (Yale)
5th Alex Loomis and Coulter King (Harvard)
6th Sabrina Ali and Nick Cugini (Yale)
7th Wesley Hopkin (Harvard) and Pat Andriola (Tufts)
8th Andreas Shepard and Jane Kessner (Amherst)
9th David Reiss and Kyle Bomeisl (Rutgers)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Alex Taubes (Boston University)
2nd Kate Falkenstien (Yale)
3rd Robert Colonel (Yale)
4th Sabrina Ali (Yale)
5th David Trinh (Yale)
6th Coulter King (Harvard)
7th Andreas Shepard (Amherst)
8th Alex Loomis (Harvard)
9th David Reiss (Rutgers)
10th Nate Blevins (Yale)

Novice Team Results

1st Michael Barton and Sam Ward-Packard (Yale)
2nd Josh Zoffer and Madeline Zhu (Harvard)
3rd Sesenu Woldemariam and Fil Lekkas (Yale)
4th Vinay Prasad and Zach Bakal (Yale)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Sesenu Woldemariam (Yale)
2nd Michael Barton (Yale)
3rd Annie McKenna (Harvard)
4th Madeline Zhu (Harvard)
5th Josh Zoffer (Harvard)
6th Jane Kessner (Amherst)
7th Fil Lekkas (Yale)
8th William Ryan (Harvard)
9th Nick Phillips (Columbia)
10th Sam Ward-Packard (Yale)