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Middlebury (2010-2011)

34 teams and 27 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Matthew Katz (Maryland) and Rohan Jotwani (Columbia)
2nd David Michael (Williams) and Farhan Ali (Rutgers)
3rd David Reiss and Kyle Bomeisl (Rutgers)
4th Reid Bagwell and Alex McHale (Columbia)
5th Ashley Novak and Gordon Morrisette (Rutgers)
6th Dafne Gokcen (University of Waterloo) and Tamara Brown (University of Guelph)
7th Harry Murphy and Alex Zhao (University of Chicago)
8th Adam Adler and Cole Rojas (Stanford)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Farhan Ali (Rutgers)
2nd Rohan Jotwani (Columbia)
3rd Matthew Katz (Maryland)
4th Sam Sanders (Brown)
5th David Reiss (Rutgers)
6th Reid Bagwell (Columbia)
7th Keith Barry (Brandeis)
8th Ashley Novak (Rutgers)
9th Adam Adler (Stanford)
10th Dafne Gokcen (University of Waterloo)

Novice Team Results

1st Ashley Novak and Gordon Morrisette (Rutgers)
2nd Mark Andriola and Emma McDermott (Dartmouth)
3rd Russell Leibowitz and Rena Singer (Brandeis)
4th Shannon McHale and Mohammed Hassan (Maryland)
5th Uven Chong and Amy Du (MIT)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Ashley Novak (Rutgers)
2nd Uven Chong (MIT)
3rd Mark Andriola (Dartmouth)
4th Gordon Morrisette (Rutgers)
5th Evan Perigoe (Columbia)
6th Shannon McHale (Maryland)
7th David Michael (Williams)
8th Russell Leibowitz (Brandeis)
9th Sammy Floyd (Smith)
10th Mohammed Hassan (Maryland)