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Fordham NorthAms (2010-2011)

73 teams and 50 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Pam Brown and Nate Blevins (Yale)
2nd Kate Falkenstien and Alyssa Bilinski (Yale)
3rd Sabrina Ali and Nick Cugini (Yale)
4th Matt Arons and Daniel Lewis (Princeton)
5th Cormac Early and Vivek Suri (Harvard)
6th David Trinh and Robert Colonel (Yale)
7th Coulter King and Perry Green (Harvard)
8th Zayn Siddique and Cara Eckholm (Princeton)
9th Garron Chiu and Alex Taubes (Boston University)
10th Max Dovala and Andrew Connery (Yale)
11th Andrew Suciu and Ben DeStein (Stanford)
12th Wesley Hopkin and Tom Gole (Harvard)
13th Megan Vanden Hof and WuDi Wu (Queen's University)
14th Meredith Potter and Anna Moore (Yale)
15th Harry Murphy and Louis Balocca (University of Chicago)
16th Stacey Chen and Josh Kalla (Yale)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Kate Falkenstien (Yale)
2nd Vivek Suri (Harvard)
3rd Nick Cugini (Yale)
4th Alex Taubes (Boston University)
5th Zayn Siddique (Princeton)
6th Nate Blevins (Yale)
7th Cormac Early (Harvard)
8th WuDi Wu (Queen's University)
9th Pam Brown (Yale)
10th Stacey Chen (Yale)

Novice Team Results

1st Sarah Balakrishnan and Ted Mateoc (McGill)
2nd Veenu Goswami and Aidan Fishman (Hart House)
3rd Ashley Novak and Gordon Morrisette (Rutgers)
4th Richard Cipolla and Michael Ferron (Boston University)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Nick Phillips (Columbia)
2nd Veenu Goswami (Hart House)
3rd Ilya Gaidarov (Stanford)
4th Perry Green (Harvard)
5th Scott Kilian-Clark (Hart House)