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UConn (2010-2011)

24 teams and 24 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Ben Strom-Weber and Melanie Zilora (Syracuse)
2nd Bradley Spahn and Reed Sarney (Wesleyan)
3rd Max Dovala and Andrew Connery (Yale)
4th Sam Sanders and Joe Rosner (Brown)
5th Meredith Potter and Anna Moore (Yale)
6th Liz Mincer and Molly Lonigan (Smith)
7th Yvonne Yu (Brown) and Alex Self (Brandeis)
8th Sammy Floyd and Brianna Murphy (Smith)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Max Dovala (Yale)
2nd Anna Moore (Yale)
3rd Andrew Connery (Yale)
4th Ben Strom-Weber (Syracuse)
5th Sam Sanders (Brown)
6th Meredith Potter (Yale)
7th Alex Self (Brandeis)
8th Yvonne Yu (Brown)
9th Melanie Zilora (Syracuse)
10th Joe Rosner (Brown)

Novice Team Results

1st Sammy Floyd and Brianna Murphy (Smith)
2nd Young Seol and Haakim Nainar (Brown)
3rd Alexandros Diplas and Hans Gao (Brown)
4th Max Bevilacqua and Danny Blinderman (Wesleyan)
5th Sam Stern and Emma McDermott (Dartmouth)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Sammy Floyd (Smith)
2nd Danny Blinderman (Wesleyan)
3rd Max Bevilacqua (Wesleyan)
4th Emma McDermott (Dartmouth)
5th Dana Leib (Wesleyan)
6th Young Seol (Brown)
7th Frankie Petronie (Smith)
8th Alexandros Diplas (Brown)
9th Sam Stern (Dartmouth)
10th Brianna Murphy (Smith)