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Stanford (2010-2011)

40 teams and 31 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Bobby Cashen and James Kilcup (Loyola Marymount)
2nd Peter Morrissey and Caitlin McElroy (Fordham)
3rd Ryan O'Hollaren and Paul Wyatt (University of Chicago)
4th Harry Murphy and Louis Balocca (University of Chicago)
5th Danielle Gorman and Shireen Rudina (MIT)
6th Ashley Woods and Harrison Seitz (Northeastern)
7th Deepa Ramakrishnan and Kyle Felker (University of Chicago)
8th Alex Zhao and Daniel Straus (University of Chicago)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Peter Morrissey (Fordham)
2nd Ashley Woods (Northeastern)
3rd James Kilcup (Loyola Marymount)
4th Paul Wyatt (University of Chicago)
5th Harry Murphy (University of Chicago)
6th Shireen Rudina (MIT)
7th Danielle Gorman (MIT)
8th Louis Balocca (University of Chicago)
9th Caitlin McElroy (Fordham)
10th Colin Etnire (Bates)

Novice Team Results

1st Hong Zhu and Dawei Liu (Duke)
2nd Evan Hernandez and Brad Cohn (University of Chicago)
3rd Jack Stewart and Alix Senter (Bates)
4th Julia Herman and Thomas Belesiu (Santa Clara)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Evan Hernandez (University of Chicago)
2nd Andrew Flook (Fordham)
3rd Brad Cohn (University of Chicago)
4th Hong Zhu (Duke)
5th Jack Stewart (Bates)
6th Michael Thng (NYU)
7th Julia Herman (Santa Clara)
8th Victoria Silwa (Bates)
9th Natalia Powers-Riggs (Wesleyan)
10th Dawei Liu (Duke)