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University of Chicago Novice (2012-2013)

42 teams and 84 novices

Novice Team Results

1st Micah Gard and Redmond McNamara (University of Chicago)
2nd Sammi Cannold and Jason Galisatus (Stanford)
3rd Andrew Eckholm and Sam Saskin (University of Chicago)
4th Ben Bulow and Jayasai Rajagopal (University of Chicago)
5th Evan Blum and Tailor D'Ortona (American)
6th Lauren McMann (University of Chicago) and Jessica Vander (University of Michigan)
7th Yan Vinarskiy and Kyler Hu (University of Chicago)
8th Jason Fauss and Renzhi Zhou (Berkeley)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Redmond McNamara (University of Chicago)
2nd Evan Blum (American)
3rd Lauren McMann (University of Chicago)
4th Stephen Urchick (University of Chicago)
5th Sam Saskin (University of Chicago)
6th Tailor D'Ortona (American)
7th Yan Vinarskiy (University of Chicago)
8th Seth Zawila (Berkeley)
9th Emma Ashe (University of Chicago)
10th Sammi Cannold (Stanford)