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Swarthmore Novice (2013-2014)

93 teams and 186 novices

Novice Team Results

1st Kyle Grigel and Aneesh Chona (Penn)
2nd Chandra Potamsetty and Zach Schaub (University of Pittsburgh)
3rd Abraham Farifeld (Georgetown) and Zach Sinkiewicz (Rutgers)
4th Austin Cohen and Perry Cao (Georgetown)
5th Andrew Kropp-Sullivan and Mark Marzziotti (William and Mary)
6th Nathan Raab and Janelle Tam (Princeton)
7th Even Draim and Spencer Michelson (Princeton)
8th Ian Gansler and Andrew Hunt (American)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Kyle Grigel (Penn)
2nd Venu Katta (William and Mary)
3rd Abraham Farifeld (Georgetown)
4th Austin Van Burns (Swarthmore)
5th Austin Cohen (Georgetown)
6th Andrew Bowles (George Washington)
7th Andrew Kropp-Sullivan (William and Mary)
8th Nate Hitchings (Maryland)
9th Aneesh Chona (Penn)
10th Harry Zhang (Johns Hopkins)