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Cornell (2006-2007)

31 teams and 34 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Michelle Zimmermann and Adam Groce (MIT)
2nd John Hollwitz and Steve Mongiello (Fordham)
3rd Mike Reilly and Luis Argueso (Princeton)
4th Daniel Rauch and Unknown Rubin (Princeton)
5th Alex Kreilein and Marisa Maleck (Fordham)
6th Jason Herron and Dave Kwasniewski (Princeton)
7th Matt Scarola and Aram Boghosian (Columbia)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Mike Reilly (Princeton)
2nd Steve Mongiello (Fordham)
3rd Daniel Rauch (Princeton)
4th John Hollwitz (Fordham)
5th Dave Kwasniewski (Princeton)
6th Michelle Zimmermann (MIT)
7th Adam Groce (MIT)
8th Marisa Maleck (Amherst)
9th Chris Ford (Swarthmore)
10th Alex Kreilein (Fordham)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Daniel Rauch (Princeton)
2nd Jess Yao (Hamilton)
3rd Matt Scarola (Columbia)
4th Chris Sawyer (Swarthmore)
5th Sourabh Mishra (Dartmouth)
6th Joe Huston (Dartmouth)
7th Ben Lo (Dartmouth)