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Brandeis (2015-2016)

93 teams and 91 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Zoe Seaman-Grant (Bates) and Harry Elliott (Stanford)
2nd Drew Latimer and Willy Clements (Tufts)
3rd Jerusalem Demsas (William and Mary) and Matthew Kahn (Georgetown)
4th Tiffany Keung and Caleb Foote (Brown)
5th Megan Wilson and Evan Lynyak (Yale)
6th Juliana Vigorito (Johns Hopkins) and Yidi Wu (Brown)
7th Joonpyo Sohn and Nicholas Quah (Brown)
8th Daniel Takash and Harry Zhang (Johns Hopkins)
9th Nathan Raab and Anirudh Dasarathy (Princeton)
10th Laura Coughlin (Boston University) and Sravya Nallaganchu (Northeastern)
11th Peter Falk and Josh Spiegel (Northeastern)
12th Sean Leonard (Rutgers) and Geneva Kropper (Maryland)
13th Malik Jarvis and Jonah Goldberg (Brown)
14th Jim Huang and Miles Saffran (Yale)
15th Vegas Longlois and Catherine Zheng (Harvard)
16th Ellen Taube and Ben Gaudiosi (Boston University)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Anirudh Dasarathy (Princeton)
2nd Juliana Vigorito (Johns Hopkins)
3rd Evan Lynyak (Yale)
4th Nathan Raab (Princeton)
5th Megan Wilson (Yale)
6th Daniel Takash (Johns Hopkins)
7th Laura Coughlin (Boston University)
8th Nicholas Quah (Brown)
9th Zoe Seaman-Grant (Bates)
10th Dhruva Bhat (Harvard)

Novice Team Results

1st Adrian Ivashkiv and Aaron Schaffer-Neitz (Columbia)
2nd Josh Beck and Sandy Greenberg (Brown)
3rd Akash Wasil and Molli Goetz (Harvard)
4th David Hope and Spencer Glenn (Northeastern)
5th Davis Lazowski (Harvard) and Angelina Li (Wellesley)
6th Caroline Wechsler and Finn Brown (Harvard)
7th Ria Mazumdar and Katie Bogomolova (Tufts)
8th Zachary Benjamin and Amanda Zhou (Dartmouth)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Catherine Zheng (Harvard)
2nd David Hope (Northeastern)
3rd Sophia Caldera (Harvard)
4th Angelina Li (Wellesley)
5th Akash Wasil (Harvard)
6th Sophia Park (Yale)
7th Caroline Wechsler (Harvard)
8th Molli Goetz (Harvard)
9th Ria Mazumdar (Tufts)
10th Davis Lazowski (Harvard)