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Wesleyan (2015-2016)

36 teams and 36 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Jim Huang and Annie Kors (Yale)
2nd Caleb Foote and Ricky Cambo (Brown)
3rd Megan Wilson and Adela Lilollari (Yale)
4th Malik Jarvis and Jonah Goldberg (Brown)
5th Danny Jaffe and Henry Snow (Brandeis)
6th Jesse Victoroff and Connie Lee (Dartmouth)
7th Laura Coughlin (Boston University) and Rachel Seebach (Wellesley)
8th Ben Muschol and Josh Spiegel (Northeastern)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Megan Wilson (Yale)
2nd Danny Jaffe (Brandeis)
3rd Jim Huang (Yale)
4th Ben Muschol (Northeastern)
5th Adela Lilollari (Yale)
6th Jesse Victoroff (Dartmouth)
7th Annie Kors (Yale)
8th Malik Jarvis (Brown)
9th Jonah Goldberg (Brown)
10th Josh Spiegel (Northeastern)

Novice Team Results

1st Akash Wasil and Molli Goetz (Harvard)
2nd Rachel Gifeisman and Sagie Tvizer (Brandeis)
3rd Jonathan Goldman and Victoria St. Jean (Brandeis)
4th Ben Feshbach and Ravi Simon (Brandeis)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Molli Goetz (Harvard)
2nd Rachel Gifeisman (Brandeis)
3rd Jonathan Goldman (Brandeis)
4th Ravi Simon (Brandeis)
5th Sabina Unni (Wellesley)
6th Quinton Huang (Brown)
7th Anuj Krishnamurthy (Brown)
8th Sagie Tvizer (Brandeis)
9th Xavier Sottile (Yale)
10th Xavier Sottile (Yale)