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University of Albany (2015-2016)

56 teams and 50 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Pasha Temkin and Max Albert (Rutgers)
2nd Sean Leonard and Nick Hansen (Rutgers)
3rd Alyssa Adler and Henry Snow (Brandeis)
4th Miriam Pierson (Swarthmore) and Heeju Kim (Dartmouth)
5th Joy Jing and Vegas Longlois (Harvard)
6th Kyle Hietala and Marina Tan (Yale)
7th Jim Huang and Stitch Sul (Yale)
8th Eric Tannenbaum and Jackson Ganem (The College of New Jersey)
9th Danny Jaffe (Brandeis) and Drew Latimer (Tufts)
10th Brian Melniker (George Washington) and Monica Chin (Brown)
11th Sushmitha Ram (Smith) and Ashe Girard (University of the People)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Miriam Pierson (Swarthmore)
2nd Pasha Temkin (Rutgers)
3rd Sean Leonard (Rutgers)
4th Jim Huang (Yale)
5th Alyssa Adler (Brandeis)
6th Michael Norton (Brandeis)
7th Lauren Blonde (Yale)
8th Henry Snow (Brandeis)
9th Max Albert (Rutgers)
10th Vegas Longlois (Harvard)

Novice Team Results

1st Pasha Temkin and Max Albert (Rutgers)
2nd Jonathan Goldman and Ravi Simon (Brandeis)
3rd Allie Miller and John Daniswara (Yale)
4th Nate Urban and Shiloh Sumanthiran (Swarthmore)
5th Rachel Gifeisman and Noam Shurin (Brandeis)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Pasha Temkin (Rutgers)
2nd Max Albert (Rutgers)
3rd Rishabh Tagore (Penn)
4th Allie Miller (Yale)
5th John Daniswara (Yale)
6th Sandy Greenberg (Brown)
7th Rachel Gifeisman (Brandeis)
8th Heeju Kim (Dartmouth)
9th Noam Shurin (Brandeis)
10th Abhi Sharma (Yale)