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Swarthmore IV (2015-2016)

0 teams and 0 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Camara Stokes Hudson and Charlotte Gliserman (University of Vermont)
2nd Dmitriy Redkin and Dylan Desjardins (Bates)
3rd Alex Klein and Rubin Danberg Biggs (Cornell)
4th Eva-Mare Quinones and Adelina Colaku (Bard)
5th Suntiparp Somsak and John Goulandris (Tufts)
6th Sarah Hoffman and Ben Frazier (Rochester)
7th Bennett Saltzman and Matt Davis (Bates)
8th Cole Limbach and Quang Nguyen (Bates)
9th Kevin Kay and Ankur Biswas (Cornell)
10th Robin Xu (Cambridge) and Alex Song (Duke)
11th Dan Stoyell and Safwan Jalal (Cornell)
12th Becca Samelson and Johanna Christophel (Patrick Henry)
13th Alex Weiner and Catherine Yu (Cornell)
14th Jack Robbins and Inbum Lee (Cornell)
15th Bronte Baker Blake and Nathaniel Carlsen (Bard)
16th Sasha Grodsky and Shannon Griffin (Bates)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Kevin Kay (Cornell)
2nd Ankur Biswas (Cornell)
3rd Justin Ying (Cornell)
4th Rubin Danberg Biggs (Cornell)
5th Alex Klein (Cornell)
6th Dmitriy Redkin (Bates)
7th Suntiparp Somsak (Tufts)
8th Eva-Marie Quinones (Bard)
9th Becca Samelson (Patrick Henry)
10th Jonah Ortiz (Kings)

Novice Team Results

1st Suntiparp Somsak and John Goulandris (Tufts)
2nd Robin Xu (Cambridge) and Alex Song (Duke)
3rd Alex Weiner and Catherine Yu (Cornell)
4th Myra Gupta and Emma Rose Wirshing (Cornell)
5th Gillian Tiley and Samantha Sullivan (University of Vermont)
6th Tim Anderson and Marly Medard (Adelphi)
7th Stewart Aslan and Lorenzo Benitez (Cornell)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Suntiparp Somsak (Tufts)
2nd Jack Robbins (Cornell)
3rd Robin Xu (Cambridge)
4th Audrey Cooper (Kings)
5th John Goulandris (Tufts)
6th Caleb Engle (Patrick Henry)
7th Emma Rose Wirshing (Cornell)
8th Thomas Lee (Quakers)
9th Brittany Garcia (Cornell)
10th Stewart Aslan (Cornell)