Northeastern ProAms (2016-2017)

82 teams and 91 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Drew Latimer (Tufts) and Chris Latimer (University of North Carolina)
2nd Miles Saffran and Charlie Barton (Yale)
3rd Dhruva Bhat and Sarah Ryan (Harvard)
4th Mars He and Segan Helle (Harvard)
5th Danny Debois and Fay Asimakopoulos (Harvard)
6th Jasper Primack and Teddy Wyman (Boston University)
7th Yidi Wu and Ann Garth (Brown)
8th Aravind Byju and Kenneth Shinozuka (Harvard)
9th Adrian Ivashkiv and Chiara Caraccio (Columbia)
10th Malik Jarvis and Anagha Lokhande (Brown)
11th Kyle Hietala and Andy Parker (Yale)
12th Catherine Zheng and Vedant Bahl (Harvard)
13th Nick O'Connor and Victor Yang (Harvard)
14th Allie Miller and William Arnesen (Yale)
15th Ellen Taube (Boston University) and Raessa Rane (Wellesley)
16th Adela Lilollari and Hala El Soth (Yale)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Danny Debois (Harvard)
2nd Mars He (Harvard)
3rd Dhruva Bhat (Harvard)
4th Miles Saffran (Yale)
5th Yidi Wu (Brown)
6th Ellen Taube (Boston University)
7th Drew Latimer (Tufts)
8th Malik Jarvis (Brown)
9th Danny Jaffe (Brandeis)
10th Jasper Primack (Boston University)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Sarah Ryan (Harvard)
2nd Segan Helle (Harvard)
3rd Charlie Barton (Yale)
4th Kenneth Shinozuka (Harvard)
5th Chiara Caraccio (Columbia)
6th Aravind Byju (Harvard)
7th Vedant Bahl (Harvard)
8th William Arnesen (Yale)
9th Fay Asimakopoulos (Harvard)
10th Teddy Wyman (Boston University)