Brandeis IV (2016-2017)

116 teams and 0 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Joonpyo Sohn and Nicholas Quah (Brown)
2nd Zoe Seaman-Grant and Matt Davis (Bates)
3rd Megan Wilson and Adela Lilollari (Yale)
4th Andrew Bowles and David Wang (George Washington)
5th Frankie Orrico and Zoe Morgan (American)
6th Mars He and Vedant Bahl (Harvard)
7th Tanner Terry and Rachel Sommers (Columbia)
8th Harry Elliott and Emily Hu (Stanford)
9th Drew Latimer and Jeremy Chen (Tufts)
10th Dhruva Bhat and Cameron Cohen (Harvard)
11th Marina Tan and Xavier Sottile (Yale)
12th Harry Zhang and Tan Kuan Hian (Johns Hopkins)
13th Jonah Goldberg and Reca Sarfati (Brown)
14th John Hunt and Sophia Caldera (Harvard)
15th Seyoung Jeon (Amherst) and Archie Stapleton (University of British Columbia)
16th David Slater and Danielle Mitalipov (Stanford)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Drew Latimer (Tufts)
2nd Zoe Seaman-Grant (Bates)
3rd Jeremy Chen (Tufts)
4th Matt Davis (Bates)
5th Dhruva Bhat (Harvard)
6th Megan Wilson (Yale)
7th Harry Elliott (Stanford)
8th David Slater (Stanford)
9th Adela Lilollari (Yale)
10th Tanner Terry (Columbia)

Novice Team Results

1st Seyoung Jeon (Amherst) and Archie Stapleton (University of British Columbia)
2nd William Arnesen and Charlie Barton (Yale)
3rd Alex Wu and Archie Hall (Harvard)
4th Bryan Ma and Candace Cho (University of Calgary)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Alex Wu (Harvard)
2nd Vedant Bahl (Harvard)
3rd Archie Hall (Harvard)
4th Emily Hu (Stanford)
5th Bryan Ma (University of Calgary)
6th Archie Stapleton (University of British Columbia)
7th Cameron Cohen (Harvard)