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Washington University in St. Louis (2016-2017)

20 teams and 21 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Ben Kessler (CUNY) and Mitchell Mullen (Rutgers)
2nd Sam Lewis and Patrick Monaghan (University of Chicago)
3rd Ellen Hinkley and Marcelle Meyer (Fordham)
4th Kelton Anderson and Zachary Lemonides (University of Chicago)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Marcelle Meyer (Fordham)
2nd Sarthak Agrawal (University of Chicago)
3rd Josh Zakharov (University of Chicago)
4th Zachary Lemonides (University of Chicago)
5th Steven Krawczyk (University of Chicago)
6th Mitchell Mullen (Rutgers)
7th Ben Kessler (CUNY)
8th Maya Dutta (University of Chicago)
9th Adi Ram (University of Chicago)
10th Sagar Tikoo (University of Chicago)

Novice Team Results

1st Ben Kessler (CUNY) and Mitchell Mullen (Rutgers)
2nd Josh Zakharov and Ben Silvian (University of Chicago)
3rd Ellis Soodak and Adi Ram (University of Chicago)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Josh Zakharov (University of Chicago)
2nd Mitchell Mullen (Rutgers)
3rd Ben Kessler (CUNY)
4th Maya Dutta (University of Chicago)
5th Adi Ram (University of Chicago)
6th Jacob Blitz (University of Chicago)
7th Andrew Harrington (University of Chicago)
8th Ben Silvian (University of Chicago)
9th Ethan Gelfer (University of Chicago)
10th Jay Gibbs (University of Chicago)