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Tulane (2016-2017)

26 teams and 20 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Jordan Gayle and Keith Matier (Morehouse College)
2nd James Capuzzi and Michelle Daker (Tulane)
3rd Amir Price and Mati Baker (Morehouse College)
4th Davon Boyd and Jonathan Carlisle (Morehouse College)
5th Alexander Parini and Armand Keshishian (Tulane)
6th Justin Brooks and Malcolm Beason (Morehouse College)
7th Shaheed Brooks and Johnny Holloway (Morehouse College)
8th Patrick Reynolds and Jake Whitney (Providence College)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Davon Boyd (Morehouse College)
2nd Amir Price (Morehouse College)
3rd Jordan Gayle (Morehouse College)
4th Keith Matier (Morehouse College)
5th Mati Baker (Morehouse College)
6th Patrick Reynolds (Providence College)
7th Shaheed Brooks (Morehouse College)
8th James Capuzzi (Tulane)
9th Alexander Parini (Tulane)
10th Leah Block (NYU)

Novice Team Results

1st Justin Brooks and Malcolm Beason (Morehouse College)
2nd Jasmine McCalla and Jamilla Clark (Spelman)
3rd Matthew Weber and Christopher Hoffler (Tulane)
4th Wes Mantingou and Lanarion Norwood, Jr. (Morehouse College)
5th Zach Manuel and Caleb Holley (Morehouse College)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Justin Brooks (Morehouse College)
2nd Tytus William (NYU)
3rd Wes Matingou (Morehouse College)
4th Lanarion Norwood, Jr. (Morehouse College)
5th Malcolm Beason (Morehouse College)