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Yale ProAms (2017-2018)

95 teams and 106 novices

Varsity Team Results

1st Danny Debois and Lizzie McCord (Harvard)
2nd Vijay Ramanujan and Anish Welde (Penn)
3rd Sam Arnesen and Anna Yang (Princeton)
4th Pragya Malik and Shreyas Kumar (Princeton)
5th Malik Jarvis and Chris Morillo (Brown)
6th Jack Glaser and Jessica Dai (Brown)
7th Reca Sarfati and Christina Ge (Brown)
8th Fay Asimakopoulos and Herkus Gudavicius (Harvard)
9th Sinan Ozbay and Karthik Ramesh (Princeton)
10th Archie Hall and Sasa Diamini (Harvard)
11th Mars He and Oliver Sussman (Harvard)
12th Miriam Pierson and Malcolm Davis (Swarthmore)
13th Vedant Bahl and Paloma O'Connor (Harvard)
14th Sandy Greenberg and Maxime Iryumugaba (Brown)
15th Jaewon Kim and Amna Amin (Princeton)
16th Tejal Patwardhan and Elizabeth Lively (Harvard)

Varsity Speaker Results

1st Archie Hall (Harvard)
2nd Malik Jarvis (Brown)
3rd Danny Debois (Harvard)
4th Miriam Pierson (Swarthmore)
5th Sinan Ozbay (Princeton)
6th Jack Glaser (Brown)
7th Sophia Caldera (Harvard)
8th Reca Sarfati (Brown)
9th Mars He (Harvard)
10th Sandy Greenberg (Brown)

Novice Speaker Results

1st Anna Yang (Princeton)
2nd Anish Welde (Penn)
3rd Ellis London (Brandeis)
4th Paloma O'Connor (Harvard)
5th Matt Simons (Columbia)
6th Ben Koch (University of Chicago)
7th Rachel Blume (University of Chicago)
8th Oliver Sussman (Harvard)
9th Karthik Ramesh (Princeton)
10th Zoe Ewing (Columbia)