10 scenes that make viewers nervous when they watch it again

There are plenty of nerve-wracking moments in Sons of anarchy. The FX series doesn’t care about peace and quiet. Each episode has a scene or two designed to get viewers to close their eyelids or drop their jaws. There is literally no limit that the biker drama does not break through with all its might.

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The following scenes stand out as the most frightening. There are many honorable mentions, however, such as Gemma killing her daughter-in-law Tara with a barbecue fork, Tig accidentally killing Opie’s wife Donna, and Jax killing himself by crashing into the same truck that Gemma beats Has taken episodes earlier a couple of times.

10 Opie is beaten to death

After Tig accidentally runs over Damon Pope’s daughter, the Oakland gang boss is rightly angry. He kidnaps Tig’s daughter Dawn and burns her while he watches. Although he lives up to eye level, he is still not satisfied. While Jax, Chibs, Tig and Opie are incarcerated, Pope makes new demands for a dead son.

Jax refused to sacrifice one of his brothers and offers to be killed. Opie won’t let that happen, so he volunteers. He is given a whistle to defend himself, a scene that reflects the executions of criminals by gladiators in coliseums during the glory days of the Roman Empire. As expected, Opie doesn’t stand a chance.

9 LOAN members rape Gemma

In season 2, Gemma is attacked and raped by members of the League of American Nationalists (LOAN). The white supremacy group wants SAMCRO to stop doing business with minorities. They rape Gemma to send a message to Clay. It’s a heartbreaking moment that leaves Gemma with a long-term trauma.

Gemma decides to keep the whole ordeal a secret, knowing that LOAN is deliberately looking for war with SAMCRO. You and our cover it up by making it look like she’s in a traffic accident.


8th Jax injects drugs into Wendy

When Wendy returns to Charming, she gives Tara and Jax a lot of headaches. She wants to be in Abel’s life since she is now clean and even ready to go to court for custody.

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Jax approaches her at home and tries to threaten her to leave Charming. She doesn’t move, so he stabs her with a syringe, injecting heroin into it. He does this so that she cannot substantiate her claims of being clean. It’s a sad scene, considering how much effort Wendy puts into her rehabilitation.

7th Otto bites off his tongue

Kurt Sutter in Sons of Anarchy

Imprisoned SAMCRO member Otto Delaney is a complete psycho. He kills a nurse for no reason by stabbing her with a crucifix brought to him by Tara. The incident upsets the nurse’s brother, ex-US Marshall Lee Toric, who is going to jail.

When Otto is brought into the interrogation room, he shocks everyone by hitting his chin on the table top and biting off his tongue. Then he throws it against the one-way glass window, where Toric is watching. With his mouth full of blood and possibly pain, he still manages to laugh.

6th Kyle gets his SAMCRO tattoo removed

Kyle is introduced in season one as a former SAMCRO member who left Opie during a robbery. Opie was arrested and sentenced to five years while Kyle left Charming. He tried to have the large SAMCRO tattoo removed on his back, but couldn’t muster enough courage to do it.

Kyle returns to Charming to see his son’s band at Gemma’s fundraiser. He tries to regain the club’s favor by offering them part of the Sparks Brothers’ illegal aftermarket. Jax makes him come to the warehouse to discuss it. There he found former brothers who gave him the choice between knife or fire. He chooses the fire and Tig proceeds to burn his back tattoo with a blowtorch. The excruciating pain made him pass out.

5 Jax offers Pope Tig

Sons of anarchy

Jax finds himself in a dilemma because he wants Pope to stay on Charming Heights. At the same time, Pope asks for Tig’s blood, but Jax is unwilling to sacrifice his brother. He seems to have changed his mind when he gets Tig to take him to a warehouse just for Pope’s men to show up.

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At this point, Jax seems to have betrayed Tig, but there is a twist. When Tig is escorted to the warehouse to be killed, Jax pulls a gun out of the container on his bike and shoots Pope’s men before rushing to rescue Tig. Pope tries, in the selfish way villains do to beg for his life, “You know what happens to whoever kills me, right?” Tig knows, but he kills him anyway.

4th Bobby’s mutilation

Jax’s plan to bring August Marks down in season 7 isn’t going too well. Marks kidnaps Bobby and continues to torture him. Bobby’s eye is gouged out and Marks makes sure it is sent to the club along with the torture video.

Marks’ men also cut off his fingers and broke his jaw. It is certain that even if released, he will never be able to ride a bike or hold a gun again. Jax is negotiating his release, but the exchange doesn’t go as planned either. Marks, who has hidden a gun behind Bobby’s belt, pulls it out and shoots him.

3 The school shooting

Sons of Anarchy School Shooting

In the early stages of Season 6, Jax prepares to get SAMCRO out of the gun business. The ramifications of their illegal arms deal quickly became clear when a troubled boy named Matthew Jennings got into the hands of a machine gun sold by SAMCRO.

Matthew scribbles strange pictures on a notebook while sitting on a bench in his Catholic school. Then he grabs the gun and goes into a room full of students, where he opens fire. The camera keeps the audience out of the room and the only thing that can be heard is the sound. Matthew was found to have killed 4 students and injured 9 others before a guard shot him dead.

2 Clay meets Gemma


Clay and Gemma are equally evil and similar that it’s hard to imagine them falling apart. But it happens. The pressure to be president rests on Clay, as well as the consequences of his previous actions. He becomes reckless, which leads Gemma to distrust him and tries to fix him.

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Clay isn’t too happy with her meddling and questions. He believes she should know her places since she is “just an old lady”. When he meets Tara and fails, Gemma confronts him. Furious, he brutally beats her up and leaves bruises.

1 Massacre in the Diosa

The war between the Sons and the Chinese Triads turns ugly in Season 7. Things get worse when Lin learns that it is the Sons who hit his guns and his heroin shipment. Your repayment is messy.

Four members of the triads enter Diosa pretending to be customers. At that moment, viewers can realize that they are up to no good, but it is not clear what they are going to do. Nero gets a call from one of the men telling him that something is going to happen and that it will affect him. The four men then open gun cases. When the Sons later show up, each of the escorts is dead.

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