Australian Government Awards $1M Grant to Gilmour Space – SatNews

A $157 million bid led by Queensland, Australia Gilmour Space Technologies to expand the sovereign space production in Australia, the largest was awarded Cooperation of the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMIC) Federal Space Grant.

Gilmour Space production area.

Minister for Industry, Energy and Emission Reduction, AngusTaylor MP, said in a statement that the government’s $52 million co-investment in the Australian Space Manufacturing Network (ASMN) project will help further promote collaboration between small and medium-sized enterprises and researchers to see launch vehicles and satellites take off into space. “From testing to manufacturing to assembly and finally to market, this project will leverage the vast Australian know-how to attract further private investment and create hundreds of highly skilled and quality jobs. This is a huge win for Queensland jobs.”

As one of Australia’s largest sovereign space manufacturers, Gilmour Space will work with a number of local partners and universities including the Queensland State Governmentto create a manufacturing and testing center and an advanced manufacturing facility for manufacturing launch vehicles and satellites.

Funding will also support the rocket company’s proposal Bowen Orbital Spaceport in North Queensland where Gilmour Space is preparing for its first launch Eris rocket into orbit later this year.

said CEO of Gilmour Space, Adam GilmourIt is a significant step forward for our partners and for commercial space in Australia. Rockets and satellites are key contributors to the global space economy. This funding will provide timely support to emerging space manufacturers like Gilmour to develop and mature significant new space capabilities in Australia.”

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