Cancellation of the order that allows WebEx to complete test experiences


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Cancellation of the order that allowed WebEx to complete Rule 403 test experiences

The Supreme Court overturned the order that allows attorneys and solicitors to meet the requirements of Rule 403 (b) (1) and (4), SCACR – Observation of Live Civil or Criminal Court Proceedings and Two Live Days in Legal Proceedings until you can view recorded procedures transmitted online through Cisco WebEx. The final broadcast, as previously announced on the WebEx Events broadcast page, is scheduled for October 14, 2021. Lawyers and prospective attorneys who have completed a trial watch through Cisco WebEx should follow the instructions in the waived injunction that is available hereto report the completion of a trial to the Office of Bar Admissions through Cisco WebEx.


The South Carolina Supreme Court

Subject: Cancellation of the order that allows WebEx to complete test experiences

Appeal case no. 2020-000447


On October 14, 2020, that court issued an order allowing attorneys and attorney candidates to comply with the requirement of having one live civil or criminal trial and two live days in legal proceedings under Rule 403 (b) (1) and (4) track. of the South Carolina Appellate Court Rules (SCACR) by viewing recorded proceedings broadcast online through Cisco WebEx.1 This exemption from the requirement for live procedures to be followed was justified as the COVID-19 pandemic forced the South Carolina Justice Department to change normal court procedures, including continuing many jury trials and limiting attendance at face-to-face hearings .

As many of the restrictions on attending live negotiations and hearings have been lifted, we believe that this exception is no longer justified. Accordingly, the order of October 14, 2020, which allows attorneys and attorney applicants to complete the litigation experience required under Rule 403 (b) (1) (civil or criminal court proceedings) and Rule 403 (b) (4) (day in court proceedings) . viewing of recordings transmitted online through Cisco WebEx will be suspended effective October 14, 2021, with the last video broadcast on that day.2 Lawyers and prospective attorneys who have met the court observation requirements under the order dated October 14, 2020 must follow the instructions contained in that order to report completion of a litigation experience through Cisco WebEx to the Office of Bar Admissions.

s / Donald W. Beatty CJ

s / John W. Kittredge J.

s / Kaye G. Hearn J.

s / John Cannon Few J.

s / George C. James, Jr. J.

Columbia, South Carolina October 14, 2021 as amended

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