Committee report

“What are you reading, my lord?”


“Words, words, words.”


That calls for immediate discussion!

When the Progressives urged President Joe Biden to change the composition of the US Supreme Court, the Chairman of the Board formed a commission. That was perhaps the best decision he has made as President. Because it silenced the topic for months while it just did nothing. This is exactly what the situation called for: Don’t just do something, just stay seated!

Here’s the lead from the Bloomberg story about last week’s (non-) event in which (non-) suggestions were (not) made: “President Joe Biden‘s Study Committee at the US Supreme Court unanimously approved a draft on Tuesday of the final report, which deliberately does not make recommendations on the fundamental changes that Liberals believe are necessary. “


This was a “Draft Final Report”. So the draft was the last word? Was the final a draft? Sounds like a government operation.

And it was a “study commission” as opposed to a regular commission. Which sounds like it was never meant to be done anyway. Sounds like a government operation again.

But it was unanimously approved by the commissioners, who reportedly had “profound disagreements”. Why of course. If you have a document that says nothing at all, anyone can join in what it says. This is definitely a government operation.

Paul Greenberg used to say that there were only two things written by a committee that were ever worth screaming out: The King James Bible and the United States Constitution. And both were inspired by God. It is unlikely, he sometimes added, that he will have the time to engage in other group work. (That’s one of the reasons this newspaper doesn’t have an editorial team.)

After the Conservatives won what the news calls SCOTUS, it was high time to overhaul the entire judiciary, you know. Imagine if Conservatives had a couple of years to run the nation’s highest court . Can’t have it.

So progressives began talking about filling the court with more members to allow the current President to add Judges Thomas, Alito, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Barrett – and sometimes, depending on the mood – Chief Justice Roberts to those to overwhelm advanced mind. Or at least a more advanced legal mind.

What was not addressed by the rushing crowd was this: How can you prevent the next Republican President and Senate from putting even more members on the square? Until the United States Supreme Court is just another legislative body?

One person in the left-wing Take Back the Court outfit was not pleased with the lack of movement in the proposed changes: “If President Biden is to be taken seriously on this issue, he must come up with serious structural reforms.”

Thank goodness the President does not want to be taken seriously on this issue. Because if it were a reputable commission, there is no telling how much trouble it could create in the review and balancing of our unique American system.

Even before his election, Joe Biden said he was “not a fan” of raising seats on the Supreme Court. And his spokesman was fortunately even more sober about the President’s next move on the committee report: “He has to review it first, and I don’t think we will set a timetable for what that looks like and what it will mean afterwards.”

Good with us. And probably fine with the majority of Americans.

Put this committee report on the shelf and let it gather dust for a few centuries. No matter how expensive it may have been.

This was definitely a government operation.

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