Crime Branch informs the court as to why the witness and Kavya’s associates have become hostile

Kochi: The Criminal Division has provided the Judicial First Class Magistrates Court in Angamaly with the details of earlier confidential testimony from a hostile witness in the case of the 2017 actor assault.

Sagar Vincent, who initially gave evidence to police against actress and entrepreneur Kavya Madhavan, later turned hostile when she appeared before the trial court.

The subsequent secret testimony in court according to § 164 StPO explains his reasons for appearing as a side witness.

The Alappuzha native listed the reasons why he had backtracked from the earlier testimony he gave to police during cross-examination in court.

According to Sagar’s first statement to the police, the main suspect, Pulsar Suni, visited “Lakshya”, the shop of his employer Kavya Madhavan, some time after committing the crime but before his arrest.

Sagar later changed that statement in court. He later gave the court a secret Section 164 statement explaining the circumstances that compelled him to change the statement.

The Criminal Division also filed the supplemental indictment, which came after further investigations into the five-year-old case involving the sexual assault of a top actress by a gang who ambushed her car.

Kavya is the wife of actor Dileep, who is charged in the case.

Dileep subpoenaed for defamation lawsuit

Thalassery First Class Judicial Magistrate Jangish Narayanan has ordered actor Dileep to appear in court on November 7 in connection with the defamation lawsuit filed by film producer “Liberty” Basheer four years ago.

While accepting the lawsuit filed by Basheer, the court ordered that a subpoena be issued for Dileep.

In his statement to the media and to various courts, Dileep alleged that he was wrongly implicated in the actor assault case as a result of a conspiracy by me and others and such allegations damaged my reputation, Basheer explained in the defamation lawsuit.

The lawsuit also noted that although Basheer sent a legal notice asking Dileep to retract the statement, he received no response.

The case came up for trial four years later as part of the delay in court proceedings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After hearing witnesses, the Thalassery court decided on Saturday to issue a subpoena to Dileep.

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