Ginni Thomas urged Trump’s chief of staff to overturn the 2020 vote, Text’s show

The text traffic also suggests that Ms. Thomas was in contact with Jared Kushner, the former President’s son-in-law and advisor. Sidney Powell, the attorney who advises Trump’s campaign team and is known for coming up with wild theories about voter fraud, keeps popping up. For example, on Nov. 13, Mr. Trump included Ms. Powell in a tweeted list of his team’s attorneys. On the same day, Ms Thomas urged Mr Meadows to support Ms Powell and said she had also reached out to ‘Jared’ to do the same: ‘I’ve just forwarded an email to yr gmail which I have Jared sent this morning,” she wrote. “Sidney Powell and improved coordination will now help the cavalry uncover the fraud and save America.”

As some of the President’s other attorneys began to distance themselves from Ms Powell, Ms Thomas warned Mr Meadows not to “back down” in front of the “elites”.

In a text exchange right after the election, she tells Mr. Meadows that he needs to listen to Steve Pieczenik, a former State Department adviser, who in Alex Jones’ Infowars has claimed, among other things, that the Sandy Hook school massacre was an operation under falsehood Flag.

She also cited language circulated on pro-Trump websites stating, “Co-conspirators of the Biden crime family and election fraud (elected officials, bureaucrats, social media censorship dealers, fake stream media reporters, etc.) are being arrested and jailed for election fraud law now and in the days to come, and will live in barges before GITMO to stand before military tribunals for sedition.” She added, “I hope that’s true.”

Ms Thomas and Mr Meadows have been like-minded staffers for years, and she gave him an award at a 2019 Conservative meeting. While Ms. Thomas already had access to the president, White House staffers said her influence increased after Mr. Trump appointed Mr. Meadows as chief of staff in March 2020.

Mr. Meadows no longer works with the committee; An attorney for Mr. Meadows, George J. Terdlinger III, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Neither Mrs Thomas nor the Supreme Court. Mr. Terdlinger has argued that Mr. Meadows cooperated as much as possible without violating Mr. Trump’s claims of executive privilege, and Mr. Meadows has filed suit against the panel seeking a court order to test the validity of those claims of executive privilege to determine executive privilege. Others challenging the committee’s subpoenas in court include John Eastman, a conservative attorney and former clerk of Justice Thomas, who wrote a memo arguing that Mr. Pence had the power to hold the Electoral College’s votes for president reject Biden. Both cases could end up in the Supreme Court.

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