Long Island residents are growing frustrated with long waits for free federal government COVID tests

Many Americans are still waiting for the federal government‘s free COVID-19 tests.

The US Postal Service says there is huge demand for the test kits and will ship them as soon as they are received, but some Long Islanders are still waiting.

“I’m just trying to be patient and hope they come,” says one person.

A Postal Service website took requests for kits on Jan. 18, and a White House press release says they should be mailed no later than Jan. 31.

dr AFC Urgent Care’s Daniel La says the at-home testing was badly needed in December and January when there were long lines at testing sites.

He says the federal government‘s efforts are too small, too late.

“Since they saw it coming, they should have sent it much earlier,” says La. “They sent it out at the peak, but we still haven’t received it, and it’s already on the way out.”

The US Postal Service says tests are being sent out all the time, writing: “We have seen more than 60 million homes requesting tests and tens of millions have received them. That’s a huge demand and we’re making incredible progress. We appreciate the patience of those who have not yet received their tests.”

However, some believe that by the time the tests come in, they will no longer be needed.

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