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Dealing with divorce papers is no longer a complicated process. Now you can easily handle it through the internet. You can prepare and in some cases even file your divorce papers in the comfort of your home in no time at a reasonable cost.

This article will walk you through your paperwork phase Dissolution of marriage in Louisiana.

Prepare your divorce forms in Louisiana

In Louisiana, forms of divorce can vary by community. However, the minimum documents a petitioner (the person initiating the divorce proceedings) will need include:

  • the divorce petition
  • Summons, and
  • the verification.

Unfortunately, the state judicial authority website does not provide divorce forms, so you have three options.

Option 1

You can go to your local court for a variety of divorce papers. However, you need to allow some time to get the paperwork and then fill it out.

Some spouses prefer to fill out forms themselves, but you may need help if you don’t have a legal background. Additionally, spouses can only take the DIY route if they are not in a dispute over divorce issues.

Option 2

Additional resources, like the Louisiana Law Help, can provide free forms and videos to assist you with the divorce process. However, this is not always enough because Louisiana has complex procedures and unique requirements that can be confusing.

As with the first option, if they peacefully separate and resolve any marital problems, spouses can fill out the forms themselves. But even with the help of the Louisiana Law Help, things can still get complicated.

If the divorce is being challenged, meaning the spouses cannot agree, they cannot proceed without a lawyer, resulting in an elevated Divorce costs.

Option # 3

You can use online divorce form preparation services. Usually this process is known as online or web divorce. This option is quick, inexpensive and, more importantly, provides you with pre-completed divorce forms for your particular situation.

Remember, this option is only available to partners who are seeking an uncontested divorce and who manage to come to an agreement on any existing issues before taking their divorce to court. In this case, spouses can use theirs Apply for divorce online themselves.

Submit your divorce forms in Louisiana

As in many other states, Louisiana allows you to file your papers either online or offline. If you want to file your filing with the court offline, make sure you select the correct courthouse and meet the state’s requirements. To select the courthouse, you must first check it with the clerk. Also, remember to keep multiple copies of your divorce papers.

If you choose to file electronically, all you need is internet access and a browser to file your divorce papers. Submit your forms online to the participating Louisiana courts and then the filing will be accepted or rejected by the case officer.

When filing for divorce, you will need to pay filing fees, which may vary from municipality to municipality. In some cases, however, it is possible to waive the registration fees with an affidavit in forma pauperis.

Deliver your forms in Louisiana

The last thing to do at the paperwork stage is to serve your spouse. Once your divorce papers are dated and stamped by the court, you can immediately send a set of copies to your spouse.

There are several ways to deliver divorce certificates in Louisiana. You can either hire a process server or the sheriff to deliver the paperwork directly to your spouse. If your spouse has a lawyer, then you can provide them with all of the documentation. It is also possible to hand over service to your spouse yourself if he or she agrees to sign a waiver of service, which must be sent to the court along with the other documents.

last words

Paperwork preparation can be the most complicated stage in a divorce. However, if you get everything right, your forms can be accepted by the clerk on the first try.

The best option for filling out paperwork will depend on your particular case. If your divorce is uncontested and everything is okay with your spouse, you can use online filing services to get relevant divorce forms from the comfort of your home without wasting a fortune.

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