Republicans just one seat away from control of House of Representatives in US midterm elections | U.S. Midterm Elections 2022

Republicans were poised to take control of the US House of Representatives after a series of races were declared for them on Monday.

The party had expected an overwhelming victory in the lower house of Congress because of high inflation and dissatisfaction with the Biden administration. But there was unexpectedly strong support for that democratswho have been in control of the house since 2019.

Even if Republicans claim victory in the House of Representatives, they will likely have the narrowest lead in the 21st century — rivaling 2001 when they had a nine-seat majority.

Nearly a week after the midterm election, three races in California and New York brought the Republicans to 217 seats, one of the 218 needed for a majority.

On Monday night, Michelle Steel and Ken Calvert were both re-elected in California after close battles against their Democratic rivals. Both races became more competitive this year thanks to the reshuffle of California convention tickets.

In New York, too, Republicans are sticking with a district that voted for Democrats in the last two presidential elections.

There are 14 races yet to be declared, most of them in California.

House Republicans met behind closed doors late Monday as the battle for the Speaker began. Minority leader Kevin McCarthy is trying to rally support for the role but is facing objections from his party’s right-wing.

Party leaders face a backlash over disappointing mid-term election results. McCarthy had promised big victories, with the most diverse class of Republican recruits ever, but voters turned down many of the more extreme candidates and resisters pledged to Trump.

If the Republicans win the House of Representatives, McCarthy faces a formal vote to become Speaker when the new Congress meets in January.

Donald Trump endorses McCarthy as a speaker, but even his endorsement is no guarantee. The conservative Freedom Caucus, which normally aligns itself with Trump, is demanding concessions from McCarthy before endorsing him. They have a long list of questions – from top positions on House committees to guarantees they can play a role in shaping legislation.

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