The American Trucker Trade Group is petitioning the Canadian Parliament to deny approval of Trudeau’s Emergency Use Act against Freedom Convoy Truckers

The Small Business in Transportation Coalition (“SBTC”), a US-based 501(c) 6 business league operating through the domain and having over 500 toll-paying trucker and auto transporter members in Canada, has the Canadian Parliament asked to withhold the use of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Emergencies Act against Freedom Convoy truckers to freeze bank accounts to quell dissent and deny them the right to seek redress from their government for grievances to deliver.

Canada’s Parliament will debate today what the SBTC calls a “draconian nuclear option”; that is, to use extraordinary military means to end the three-week “Freedom Convoy,” a grassroots labor movement that has begun to spread across the world.

“Make no mistake…this is no longer about the freedom to make medical decisions. This is now about the government’s tyrannical use of emergency powers designed to deal with terrorists to quell dissent and inflict economic harm on individual protesters who invoke their right to petition their government to remedy grievances SBTC Executive Director James Lamb said today. “Mr. Trudeau is essentially saying, ‘Shut up and do as I say or I will fine you, lock you up and starve you and your children by killing your freeze bank accounts.’ These are not the actions of an honorable, humane government,” Lamb added.

SBTC today calls on the wisdom and common sense of the “white hats” in the Canadian government to draw a line and send a message to Mr. Trudeau, the Liberal Party and the world that this is not what Canada stands for .

“After working at 2nd World Trade Center in 2000, I remember what terrorism is. Truckers aren’t terrorists, Mr. Trudeau. said Lamb. Lamb points to this video clip to support his statement.

“Also, pointing at a random Nazi flag at the Canadian trucker protest is like pointing at the guy wearing a Milwaukee Brewers cap at Yankee Stadium. Totally out of place, insignificant and very irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. The American small business trucking industry will not stand by and watch our brother truckers in the North be abused and their rights trampled on in this way. We beg Parliament to end this inhumane abuse immediately and find another way to resolve this conflict,” Lamb said.

The SBTC is conducting a poll to see what truckers think of Trudeau’s use of the emergency law to freeze truckers’ bank accounts to quell the protest. So far, over 90% of respondents say they disagree with the move and believe Trudeau himself is terrorizing Canadian citizens.

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