The chairwoman of the RNC recognized Biden’s victory in 2020: “He is the president. We know that’

“Joe Biden painfully won the election and it’s very painful to watch. He’s the president. We know that,” McDaniel said at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor in Washington, DC.

While the RNC has criticized Biden for months in press releases and quick-reaction materials, McDaniel’s comments on Thursday made it clear for the first time that party leader Biden “won” the 2020 elections.

Their comments also come as former President Donald Trump, who McDaniel said continues to have an overwhelming influence on the Republican Party, continues to advance conspiracy theories about the 2020 election with the help of leaders across the GOP electoral machinery. Earlier this year the RNC introduced an “Electoral Integrity Committee,” and on Thursday McDaniel declined to say whether Trump’s pressure campaign to persuade then-Vice President Mike Pence to block Congressional certification of Biden’s electoral college victory was unconstitutional.

“I’m not a constitutional scholar,” said McDaniel.

Although McDaniel encouraged Republicans to focus on paperback subjects and their political opponents with a view to next year’s mid-term election, McDaniel did not weaken Trump’s relentless focus on reviving the 2020 election or his attempts to empower GOP governors and lawmakers, to support election exams in various states.

“I think every Republican should be talking about 2022 right now. I’m not talking about anything other than what Biden is doing to destroy our country: high gas prices, an open border, an opioid crisis, “she said. “Anyone can do their own thing, but I think we should be talking about Joe Biden.”

However, McDaniel added, Republicans in certain parts of the country could also benefit from talking about electoral reform.

“We need to talk about the things people have seen,” she said when asked about Trump’s false claims about widespread electoral fraud. “We have to show our voters that we are putting in place processes that ensure that the election is fair and transparent.”

Some Republicans have expressed concern that the party’s relentless focus on electoral fraud and a willingness to allow Trump to lie about the elections could depress turnout in the midterm elections and potentially thwart a GOP wave that will restore the House and Senate could bring under control of the party. Yet leaders at the highest levels of the party’s electoral machinery have done little to divert the former president’s focus.

For example, over the summer the RNC released a 23-page report accusing Democratic-led states of using the Covid-19 pandemic to change electoral practices in favor of Democratic candidates. The report alleged that there were numerous instances in the 2020 election of Democrats “adding chaos and uncertainty to our sacred democratic processes” and making a number of policy recommendations for Republicans – including the abolition of universal postal voting.

With McDaniel at the helm, the RNC also joined Trump’s 2020 campaign immediately after the 2020 election, filing dozen unsuccessful lawsuits questioning nationwide results or changes in electoral practice. At the time, Justin Riemer, chief counsel for the RNC, reportedly warned his colleagues in emails later exposed by the Washington Post not to dismiss allegations of election fraud and a stolen election made by Trump’s allies.

“You are misleading millions of people who have wishful thinking that the president will somehow win this thing,” wrote Riemer in one of the emails the Post received, referring specifically to Trump attorneys Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani.

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