Unchecked, suspended civil servants are not entitled to unemployment


Coming on Monday when tens of thousands of government employees start their working week with a vaccination certificate or negative COVID test, it remains to be seen how unions can react if members who defy the requirements are suspended without pay.

They are not entitled to unemployment benefits and the Lamont government is hoping for widespread vaccination compliance. But important questions remain, such as whether the state will pay for all mandatory tests; Offer monetary incentives to increase vaccination compliance; and the exact career results for non-compliance with Governor Ned Lamont’s orders.

All of these issues are still under negotiation with the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition as the deadline for electronic vaccinations and / or negative COVID tests approaches on Sunday evening. The coalition has advised employees to show up to work as if it were a normal work day, whether or not they comply fully with the rules.

On Thursday, a Eight point agreement reached with SEBAC on important issues, with the possibility of further negotiations or arbitration proceedings.

Josh Geballe, Chief Operating Officer of Governor Ned Lamont, confirmed that the cost of the weekly tests remains the focus of active discussions with SEBAC. Earlier this week, the workers’ coalition informed members that at least the first four tests would be paid for by the state.

“This is an open item, but in general we do not assume that repetitive COVID screenings will be covered and that they may come out of their pockets at the expense of employees,” Geballe said on Thursday. “There is a very simple solution to this, namely to get vaccinated. Almost 80 percent of adults in this state have been vaccinated. It’s by far the most effective way to protect yourself and your family, and it removes any concerns about inconvenience and money-related testing.

Union civil servants can also use medical or religious exceptions and workers were left with too 25 pages who offer free tests.

“What happens after that, after unpaid leave, is still being negotiated,” said Geballe, emphasizing that it was not possible to apply for unemployment benefits.

“The most important criterion for unemployment is that your employer has no work for you, and in this case that would obviously not be the case,” said Geballe. “There will be significant disciplinary action in the event of non-compliance. In addition, by submitting their vaccination and test results, employees confirm the validity of these results. It is an offense to submit false documents, which also result in substantial penalties. “

At some point next week, state officials expect to have their first real look at vaccination rates for state employees within the executive branch. The judicial authority has similar rules, and all of them People entering Courthouses are required to wear masks that cover their mouth and nose.

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