Where is the state taking us?

DID YOU KNOW? Bonnie Donovan

We see more encroachment by governments every day and watch as the people responsible for our policies, regulations and the direction of our nation take no blame for anything, constantly stare into the television camera and tell us everything is fine is get used to it Expect more inflation. It’s good for your digestion.

After all, you can’t afford food or the gas to drive to the empty store anyway.

And all problems are someone else’s fault. Energy prices are the fault of Russian President Vladimir Putin, but our own government has closed pipelines, canceled oil leases, increased delivery fees, and made us hostage to enemy countries. These are our leaders? Where are they taking us?

Inflation? Whose fault is this? They are government officials. They’re giving away money as fast as they can print it. And the idea of ​​a budget is just a list of handouts for those who participate to get along.

Our government is based on “by the people, by the people, for the people”. What we have now is “fuck people”.

COVID-19 Aid Funds? Even locally, the Santa Barbara City Council decided to use what they call “excess” COVID monopoly money to pay “hero money” to all city employees. What a joke. Only rescuers were heroes. The rest was safe behind a computer screen.

And where does excess money come from when only a few work?

Speaking of COVID, our President’s handlers have decided to suspend Title 42 under the guise that COVID is manageable and rates continue to fall. However, this policy gives our law enforcement agencies the power to swiftly remove illegal immigrants who flood our borders. If COVID is no longer an emergency and therefore Title 42 is no longer required, why are officials still threatening to fire our military, police, and fire personnel, and whoever else they elect to not get a mandate?

COVID vaccinations and permanent boosters? The California Legislature continues to bring bills through the Senate and Assembly (SB871, SB866, SB1479, AB1797) that increase its control over citizens through COVID restrictions and threaten physicians over the government’s idea of ​​”misinformation” (AB2098).

California with no water, no homes, no money and our own on the streets will absorb the illegal immigrants that will descend in a Title 42 deluge, but the real war refugees, the Ukrainians, are capped at 100,000. They, too, have found that our southern borders are easy and quick access.

Government officials show absolutely no concern about prices at the pump (up to $6.89 a gallon, with an average of $5.89 a gallon in Santa Barbara County); with their car allowances and some even with taxpayer-funded drivers.

Transport Minister Pete Buttigieg said: “…get used to high prices and buy an electric car…” At least France’s Marie Antoinette lost her head when she quipped: “Let them eat cake.”

That’s part of the problem in today’s world: no heads roll. No accountability. No consequences for breach of duty.

And pricing gas to the American public is as criminal as buying energy from foreigners.

Just like the solar panels and wind turbines made in China, all of this destroys our energy, which is essential for our independence.

The oil companies have been accused of price gouging at the gas pumps in the country’s capital.

In California, the additional fees/policies add to the high cost of fuel. A breakdown of charges over the past 10 years: 2012 was $0.30 per gallon for summer mix, 2013: $0.25 per gallon for Cap and Trade for refineries; 2015 Biofuel Use, $0.22 per gallon; The 2017 excise tax of $0.12, the addition of sales tax, and in Santa Barbara the additional 1% for Measure C.

Even Santa Barbara City Council members get an annual car allowance of $7,452.

Have city employees who worked from home during COVID still received their car grant?

But Gov. Gavin Newsom comes to the rescue: instead of relieving the burden at the gas pumps, he’s adding more taxes there to pay for the $400 debit card for every registered vehicle owner. The winners are the owners of electric cars.

Is that because the United Nations decrees that CO2 emissions must be reduced by 48% by 2030?

However, the increase in global emissions took about 250 years to reach current levels, largely due to the demands of population growth. We are now being told that these emission levels must be reduced by 48% in eight years. Even with the current reduction in CO2 emissions in Europe, this means that all European countries become dependent on coal, gas and oil from Russia. In fact, they reflect California. In their righteous attempts to avoid carbon production and nuclear power within their borders, they merely shift carbon fuel production from their territories to other countries, mainly Russia.

Aren’t you tired of being dictated to by city, state and federal demands?

The UN is asking us to reduce CO2 emissions. Minister of Transport Buttigieg is asking us to get used to high prices. Gov. Gavin Newsom urges California to build 3.5 million homes while urging us to cut water use. The city and district ban natural gas in new buildings.

The public school systems are telling parents that what the children are taught is their business, not their business, and the Black Lives Matter/Healing Justice is demanding that our city give them a majority stake in our city police force! And our city council seems to support the idea.

We oppose the Police Education Committee’s proposal to create a new city agency to oversee everything related to the police department: policy, internal affairs, and investigations of citizen grievances, etc.—especially at a cost of $600,000!

Our city doesn’t suffer from a police department like Baltimore or Minnesota. The City of Santa Barbara established the Fire and Police Commission in 1927 to ensure the smooth and professional functioning of the two departments.

The BLM PFC goes before the Santa Barbara Council on April 22. Concerned locals must attend. Remember the first rule and principle of building a new control bureaucracy: it never goes away.

Once established, the members and supporters who hold this level of control struggle every day to keep it going. Elected officials are ultimately accountable to the public.

However, unelected bureaucrats have more power than elected politicians. Accountable to no one, unelected and unemployed staff serving on such an oversight body knows no boundaries and can cause ongoing chaos, as we have seen in other cities.

The current proposal by BLM and city staff is to be rejected.

We must keep the Ukrainian people at the forefront of our thoughts, prayers and concerns.

It’s important that we do more for them than just illuminating buildings and monuments with yellow and blue lights.

Some of our best and brightest, two young Harvard students are doing just that: Avi Schiffmann and Marco Burstein have combined their talents to create a website ukrainetakeshelter.com to connect fleeing Ukrainians with hosts offering shelter around the world. Within days, tens of thousands responded.

We cannot rely on leadership to make a difference. We must act ourselves. This is the way of the west. This is how democracy thrives. We step up and take care of those in need.

This beautiful country, rich in tradition and culture, is being destroyed before our eyes. Stop wringing your hands and get on with it!

We note that Vladimir Putin is demanding that the US do business with Russia, not in dollars, but in gold or rubles. Why does the US keep buying anything from Russia? That speaks volumes about the character of our leadership.

“The cultivation of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only end of good government.”

– Thomas Jefferson

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