Who is Dominic Perrottet: Controversial comments from the new NSW prime minister


The new NSW Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet is not apologetic in his views. Here are some of his controversial comments in the past.

NSW’s next prime minister, Dominic Perrottet, is a conservative who opposed laws to force priests to expose child abuse, arguing “the confessional seal is inviolable no matter what sins are known”.

The 39-year-old father of six, who will become the next prime minister after winning an election in the party hall, does not apologize for his convictions, which include warning abortion advocates that they are on the “wrong side of history” and oppose the same – sex marriage and attack on the “pronoun police”, which promote the use of gender-neutral language.

But it will likely provide a targeting environment for its Labor opponents who plan to attack the new prime minister with a “hit list” of controversial comments, including his views on Donald Trump and climate change, which he has called “a religion for” left”.

He previously warned Australia to stop “throwing money on welfare” as it is contributing to rising divorce rates and single parent families.

In 2017, he justified his rejection of same-sex marriage on the grounds that “marriage is the fundamental right of every child to grow up with their own mother and father”.

Mr Perrottet also opposed the decriminalization of abortion in NSW on the grounds that he could not support laws that would “stop the beating heart of an unborn child”.

He is also a tax reform advocate who previously complained that Prime Minister Scott Morrison “shot down” discussions on GST reform.

Who is Dominic Perrottet?

Dominic Perrottet was born in 1982. If he is elected the next prime minister of the state, he will be the youngest politician to ever serve in that role, at just 39.

He grew up in West Pennant Hills and attended Redfield College, Dural’s Roman Catholic school, run by Opus Dei priests.

“I think a Christian faith is part of me and inspires me to make a difference everywhere,” said Perrottet.

Mr Perrottet entered Parliament a decade ago when he was still in his twenties. In his maiden speech, he paid tribute to his own mother and wife, Helen.

“I had the privilege of growing up in a large family. I am the third of 12 children. As you can imagine, my mother ran a very narrow ship, ”he said.

“But with so many of us she realized very quickly that she couldn’t do everything on her own. I polished 12 pairs of shoes in the summer. I packed 12 lunches in the fall. I changed 1200 diapers in the winter and then changed them again in the spring. “

Perrottet’s war on pronouns

The willingness to participate in so-called cultural struggles over welfare, gender and political correctness was a characteristic of Mr. Perrottet’s decades-long career in politics.

Last year, Mr Perrottet announced that he would refuse any attempt by finance bureaucrats to teach employees about the use of gender pronouns.

“I’ll make sure that the Treasury Department can call their spouse what they want,” he told Sky News.

“Wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, sweetheart, baby, whatever – as long as we focus on where it should be.”

His public decree followed the decision of the deputy economic strategy secretary of the NSW Treasury, Joann Wilkie, who gave employees an official message about the need to create “a safe space” in the workplace.

“And when you talk to a coworker, don’t assume he’s straight / cis-gender / endosexual guys, ‘” she said.

“No matter what sins are known”

Mr Perrottet defied laws that force Catholic priests to notify the police if a priest confessed to sexual abuse in the confessional.

“Now I understand the motivation and the reasons for this legislation, as I’m sure everyone here knows. As a Catholic, I feel the sexual abuse and subsequent cover-ups that have taken place in the church are devastating betrayal, not only to the victims but also to the believers, ”said Perrottet.

“We all have a responsibility to fight the plague of child and minor sexual abuse and to ensure that it never happens again. At the same time, however, we must be clear about what this type of law does, forcing clergymen, under threat of imprisonment, to violate their conscience in a way so serious that it leads to their summary expulsion from the Church . It’s not just a matter of preference. It is a matter of deep theological conviction that the confessional seal is inviolable, for every priest in every penitent, no matter who, no matter what sins are known. “

The Big Divorce: Perrottet Over Welfare And Family Breakdown

NSW’s treasurer previously blamed the Australian welfare system for rising divorce rates and falling fertility.

In a speech to the Center for Independent Studies (CIS), Dominic Perrottet cited the view of US politician Daniel Moynihan that “marriage is punished and lone parenthood subsidized” by the welfare system.

“Some have argued that social security replaces the role of children in old age by socializing traditional family responsibilities,” he said.

“As one commenter asked, why have children at all when the state takes care of you in old age?”

In his speech, Mr. Perrottet referred to the famous report by US politician Daniel Moynihan, originally entitled The Negro Family: Arguments for National Action.

It was later renamed the Moynihan Report after it was attacked from both left and right and sparked allegations of racism.

Democrat Moynihan argued that not only racism is responsible for the plight of African Americans, but also the well-being and family breakdown.

“In this new period, Negro American expectations will go beyond civil rights,” he wrote.

“As Americans, you will now expect that in the near future, equal opportunities for them as a group will lead to roughly equal outcomes as compared to other groups. This is not going to happen. It will not happen for generations to come either if new and special efforts are not made.

“Negro-Americans achieve the highest performance peaks individually. But overall, across the spectrum of American ethnic and religious and regional groups, where some get enough and some don’t get, where some send eighty percent of their children to college and others drop them out in 8th grade, Negroes are among the weakest . “

“I cannot with a clear conscience support a bill that will bring the heart of an unborn child to a standstill”

Two years ago, Mr Perrottet emerged as one of the staunchest opponents of the decriminalization of abortion.

“I understand that people have different views, and while I recognize many of the reasons they have for supporting this law, including deeply personal reasons, I cannot in good conscience support a bill that would make the heart of an unborn child beat Child stops, ”said Mr Perrottet.

“While late abortions are rare, she doesn’t necessarily get it right.”

In his speech to Parliament he accepted that “not everyone is lucky enough to be in my circumstances”.

“Every day there are women who get pregnant under difficult and sometimes impossible conditions of poverty, abuse, neglect and violence. I can understand why, in this situation, many of them would consider terminating their pregnancy. But our first response as a community should be to help, not hurt, and to comfort, appreciate and support mother and child, ”he said.

“At 22 weeks, the bill draws an arbitrary line in the sand. At this stage, the unborn child has had a heartbeat for months. Its fingerprints have formed, it has its own unique DNA, its hair starts to grow, and it yawns, stretches and moves. Thanks to this bill, our law will now remain completely silent while the life of unborn children will be terminated upon request for up to five months. “

Climate change and Donald Trump

Over the weekend, his critics enthusiastically shared a post from 2016 on his official Facebook account in which he praised the election of Donald Trump as US President and described it as “a victory for people who were taken for granted by the elites “.

“If you stand for freedom of expression, you are not a fanatic,” he said.

“If you question man-made climate change, you are not a skeptic.

“If you support stronger borders, you are not a racist.

“If you want a referendum on same-sex marriage, you are not a homophobe.

“If you love your country, you are not an extremist.

“These are mainstream values ​​that people should freely articulate without fear of ridicule or persecution from the left.”

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